A Critical Review of the System of Radiation Protection

First Reflections of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency's Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH)

ISBN : 92-64-18554-2
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Our modern, information society is increasingly interested in transparency and participation in many aspects of government, and this is particularly true in areas involving public health and environmental protection. Radiaion protection is no exception to this trend.

Scientific rationale that was once sufficient to explain radiation protection theory and practice is no longer adequate. The need to address and communicate theory, practice and the decision-making process to a wider audience has given rise to numerous debates and led the radiation protection community to revisit the framework of the system of radiation protection. The very fundamentals of the system of radiation protection continue to be questioned in a healthy fashion, and many aspects have been identified which could better serve stakeholders given some additional thoughts in the light of modern societal needs.

This report is the summary of the NEA's first reflections in this area, and describes those aspects of the current international system of radiation protection that could be improved. Suggested directions for improvements are provided.

It is hoped that this materail will help guide the international community towards consensus and provide valuable input to the development of new recommendations by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.