Porewater Extraction from Argillaceous Rocks for Geochemical Characterisation

Methods and Interpretations

ISBN : 92-64-17181-9

The definition of the chemical and isotopic composition of the groundwater present in argillaceous formations, which are considered as potential host rocks for radioactive waste disposal, is crucial for establishing their barrier properties. Therefore, a critical review of the relevant literature on the current methods applied to extract water and solutes and on the various approaches to the interpretation of their results was commissioned to the Laboratoire d’hydrologie et de géochimie isotopique (Université de Paris-Sud, France).

The present document provides a synthesis of available extraction methods, assesses their respective advantages and limitations, identifies key processes that may influence the composition of the extracted water, describes modelling approaches that are used to determine in situ porewater composition, and highligths, wherever possible, some of the unresolved issues and recommendations on ways to address them.