Pressurised Water Reactor Main Steam Line Break (MSLB) Benchmark - Volume I

Volume I: Final Specifications

Since the beginning of benchmark activities, two benchmark workshops took place. The first was held in Madrid, Spain (June 1998), and the second in Garching near Munich, Germany (March 1999). It was agreed that in performing this series of exercises participants are working at the edge of present developments in coupling of neutronics and thermal-hydraulics and this benchmark leads to a common background understanding of the key issues. Based on preliminary comparisons of the participant’s results and the follow-up discussions at the aforementioned workshops changes were suggested to the original specification. It was therefore agreed to issue a final version of the specification, covering the three exercises and incorporating these changes. In addition it was decided that in this final edition the required output information is specified for each phase. A list of calculated and used parameters must be filled by participants for each exercise. This list must be supplemented by a description (including graphs where useful) of the models used in enough details so that the compliance with specification can be verified. The list of deviations from the specification, if any, must be provided and the specific assumptions stated. It is up to the benchmark co-ordinators and report reviewers to decide whether the solution provided models with sufficient precision the system model provided. Solutions that deviate in the modelling in ways not compatible with the specifications will not be graphically compared with those complying. These other solutions will be described in separate sections of the report, where sensitivity effects are investigated or effect of deviation from standard parameters. Participants with strongly deviating solutions will be requested to carefully review their solutions, and if necessary withdraw them from publication.

It was also agreed that the PWR MSLB Benchmark would be published in four volumes:

  • Volume I: Pressurised Water Reactor Main Steam-Line Break (MSLB) Benchmark: Final Specifications (Phase I, II and III)
  • Volume II: Summary Results of Phase I (Point Kinetics)
  • Volume III: Summary Results of Phase II (3D Kinetics/Core T-H Boundary Model)
  • Volume IV: Summary Results of Phase III (Best Estimate Coupled Simulation)

Classification ID: NEA/NSC/DOC(99)8