Environmental Activities in Uranium Mining and Milling

A Joint NEA/IAEA Report

ISBN : 92-64-17064-2

Environmental activities in uranium mining and milling are becoming increasingly important owing to:

- the stricter requirements for new facilities being imposed by many countries in the form of environmental clearance approvals; - the large number of uranium production facilities which have been taken out of operation recently; and - the restoration and reclamation measures that are being considered for many old sites which have been closed permanently.

This book provides an overview of environmental activities related to uranium production based on survey responses from 29 countries. It discusses environmental and safety activities related to the closure and remediation of formerly utilised sites; the operation, monitoring and control of producing sites; and the planning, licensing and authorisation of new facilities. It provides an overview of the reported interests of specialists working in the field, including sensitivity of ecosystems, environmental impact assessment, emissions to air and water, work environment, radiation safety, waste handling and disposal, mine and mill decommissioning and site restoration, and the regulation of these activities.