The International Intraval Project - Phase 2

Summary Report

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The international study INTRAVAL addressed the validation of models of the transport of radioactive substances through groundwater in the geosphere. The project started in 1987 on the initiative of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate with the general support of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. The study was performed in two phases, of which the first was reported in 1993. The second and final phase is summarised in this report. Twenty-three organisations from thirteen countries have participated in INTRAVAL Phase 2. 
During the course of the INTRAVAL projects, many reports have been published, including progress reports, reports on test cases for the project, and reports on studies and results of the test cases. This report gives a summary of the work performed under Phase 2 of INTRAVAL. In addition to the information presented in this summary report, the interested reader is referred to a report on the final results from the entire INTRAVAL project, compiled by a subcommittee set up by the project, as well as to working group reports issued by the project.
This summary report is being published after approval by the Coordinating Group for the project. Neither the Coordinating Group nor the Project Secretariat takes any legal responsibility for results presented in this report or for their future use.