EUROCHEMIC 1956-90: 35 Years of International Experience in the Field of Nuclear Techniques

ISBN : 92-64-14792-6
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Eurochemic was the first joint undertaking of the European Nuclear Energy Agency. The company was established in December 1957 by the governments of thirteen European countries to develop international co-operation in recycling spent fuel from nuclear power plants to extract the residual uranium and plutonium.

Eurochemic made an outstanding contribution to scientific and technical progress in nuclear chemistry in Europe, particularly as a training ground for specialists. In the longer term, however, it was unable to promote a joint industrial policy in this field. Eurochemic subsequently made a highly successful move into radioactive waste management and provided a rich source of information for the countries that took part.

Anyone interested in the international co-operative ventures that have arisen from nuclear developments will be interested in this book. Copiously illustrated, it gives a lively description of the still current problems of the tail-end of the nuclear fuel cycle.