Nuclear Science Committee (NSC)
Nuclear Science Committee meeting, June 2022

Programme of work

The NEA nuclear science programme is developed and executed by the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC), comprising high-level scientific experts from all NEA member countries. The goal of the NEA in this sector is to help member countries identify, collate, develop and disseminate the basic scientific and technical knowledge required to ensure the safe, reliable and economic operation of current and next-generation nuclear systems. To meet this goal, staff of the Division of Nuclear Science and Education together with the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) and its numerous Expert Groups, work closely to:

  • advance the existing scientific knowledge needed to enhance the performance and safety of current nuclear systems;
  • build a solid scientific and technical basis for the development of future generation nuclear systems;
  • support the preservation of essential knowledge in the field of nuclear science, including in reactor physics, fuel cycle physics and chemistry, criticality safety, material science, radiation shielding and nuclear data;
  • support member countries’ goal to develop essential skills capabilities through education and training of a new generation of experts for the nuclear sector;
  • organise international standard problem exercises (benchmarks) to form consensus on the state-of-the-art in computational methods, including sensitivity and uncertainty analyses;
  • work closely with the NEA Data Bank to support the evaluation and collection of integral experiments data and relational databases to be used for validation purposes in different application areas.

The Division of Nuclear Science and Education fosters horizontal co-ordination with the Data Bank, with a particular focus on the validation of modelling and simulation systems - the rigorous demonstration of their predictive capabilities against high quality, peer-reviewed experimental data collected by the NSC.

The main areas of work are:

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