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 49-IN-115 (n,2n)In-114m SIG,SPA  252Cf(sf)-235U(n,f)  2-5 Y
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 Dosimetry D-T fusion 06-OCT-17 06-OCT-17 

Requester: Dr Stanislav SIMAKOV at KARLSRUHE, GER

Project (context): IRDFF project

The International Reactor Dosimetry and Fusion File (IRDFF) aims at providing evaluated neutron dosimetry reactions validated for all applications related to fission reactors and fusion technology development [IAEA2017].


Justification document:
Accurate cross sections as well as spectrum-averaged cross sections (SACS) in relevant and well-characterized neutron fields are essential for improvement and validation of the evaluated data [Simakov2017].
Following a recommendation from the IAEA Data Development Project on Neutron Standards [Pronyaev2013], the IRDFF project supports SACS measurements of high-threshold (above 10 MeV) dosimetry cross-sections in well-characterized 252Cf(sf) and 235U(nth,f) neutron fields in order to improve the cross sections and/or the high-energy part of the prompt fission neutron spectra.

Comment from requester:
Measurements of the spectrum-averaged cross section are missing for validation purposes and for improvement of the cross section and prompt fission neutron spectrum above 10 MeV. See Cf252U235_HighThreshold.pdf below.


Review comment:

Entry Status:
Work in progress (as of SG-C review of May 2018)

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Additional file attached:Simakov2017.pdf
Additional file attached:Cf252U235_HighThreshold.pdf