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Updating a program distributed by the NEA Data Bank

If you are willing to update the version of the program distributed by the NEA Data Bank, here are few steps to guide you through the update process:

  1. Update the abstract to highlight the new features of the code update. You can download the template here
  2. Send the Computer Program Service (CPS) the updated version of your program, including the updated support material (User's manual, installation guide, test cases input and output files).
    If you know of any new document relevant to your code, please provide details of its reference.
  3. Upon reception of your updated code, the CPS team will test it, i.e. try to install it and verify it runs smoothly on modern computers. The code will then be made available online.

If you have any question at any step of the process, please feel free to contact us: .

Last modified: 23 August 2018