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Note for Liaison Officer

The tasks and duties of liaison officers are detailed in this document.

Liaison officers are the main contact person between their establishment and the Computer Program Service (CPS). In particular, they are responsible for (but not only):
  • initiating or validating all package requests originating from their establishment (end-users can initiate their own requests)
  • ensuring a good distribution of all packages they receive from CPS, making clear to end-users the restrictions applying to the code they receive
  • distributing the information they receive from CPS on computer programs updates and upcoming training courses
Every package distributed by CPS is subject to restrictions. The licence depends on the program, two systems currently coexist.

The traditional CPS licence is referred to as "single-site": the program is sent once to the liaison officer and is available for all the staff working in the corresponding nominated establishment.
Some codes are distributed under a "single-user" licence, which is valid for the licensee only, and at the location stated in the licence.

Additional restrictions apply to RSICC codes distributed by the NEA regarding their use on server and cluster.

Last modified: 23 August 2018