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ORTHIS, Steady-State Heat Conduction in 2-D X-Y, R-Z and R-Theta Geometry
ORTHAT, Transient Heat Conduction in 2-D X-Y, R-Z and R-Theta Geometry

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To submit a request, click below on the link of the version you wish to order. Rules for end-uersion you wish. Rtools/abstyle tooOGRAM-a href="#i9">STATUS, ">NESC0Num">" oondt>" r="v c" oondt>-Z aus" oondt>-Z aus hre>" osrc="/tools/imagop: the verogart/THIS, St%250 THIS, St/01 T veed stract/list " r="vID" oondt>Orig. csubtitl" oondt>T ve csubtitl" oTHIS, St/01 IBM 360text/new"tde" oIBM 360text/new"tde" o
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2. 3/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 4/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 5/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 6/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 7/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 8/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 9/span>COMPUTERS
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bstractIi2">THIS, St/01,ryNESC05bstylSolv="c Two-dim asml4/lPion i
SX-Y, Rlesheass="Y, R-Z and R-Theta GeometrPUSe="msPion i
NESC0m="c Nohea73-3 (JulyM31,rlis2)tbstractItem">
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To sub">" r="vID" oondt>rsubtitle-equiv="" oTHIS, St/01 Fte RAN-IVw"tde" o[ top ]
2. 13/span>COMPUTERS
2. 14/span>COMPUTERS
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2. 15/span>COMPUTERS
:&nANR /a>, , COMPion iPion i
/div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> R. C. Durfeeass="C. W. N veor, Jr.Pion i /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> Oak Rfoge Natml4/l Laborhrouction i /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> P. O. Box XPion i /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> /div> Oak Rfoge, Ten relee 37830bstractItem">
2. 16/span>COMPUTERS
AVAIL, To sub"> i2">THIS, St/01vascriptype="v cl'e5b38abbc1f2d7d7d9fb5b4b72116ae3'a reque'ype="text/j' Condtible" ondre" oondt>FileNum">" oondt>FileNdesss="ld-u" oondt>Records" oTHIS, St_01.001 IS, 11w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.002 SUBROUT"#i ERROR (F4,EBCDIC) 8w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.003 SUBROUT"#i ERROR (ASSEM 552w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.004 SUBROUT"#iS (ASSEM 395w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.005
6844w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.006
36w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.007
480w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.008
38w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.009 7200w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.010 57w"tde" oTHIS, St_01.011 108t THIS, St_01.012 41w"tde" oTo sub"
2. 17/span>COMPUTERS
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