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NEA-1238 PASC-1.
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NEA-1238 PASC-1.

PASC-1, Petten AMPX-II/SCALE-3 Code System for Reactor Neutronics Calculation

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Program name Package id Status Status date
PASC-1 NEA-1238/01 Tested 11-MAR-1992

Machines used:

Package ID Orig. computer Test computer
NEA-1238/01 CDC CYBER 170 DEC VAX 8810
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The Petten AMPX-II/SCALE-3 Code System PASC-1 is a reactor neutronics calculation programme system consisting of well known IBM-oriented codes, that have been translated into FORTRAN-77, for calculations on a CDC-CYBER computer. Thus, the portability of these codes has been increased. In this system, some AMPX-II and SCALE-3 modules, the one-dimensional transport code ANISN and the 1 to 3-dimensional diffusion code CITATION are linked together on the CDC-CYBER/855 computer. The new cell code XSDRNPM-S and the old XSDRN code are included in the system. Starting from an AMPX fine group library up  to CITATION, calculations can be performed for each individual module. Existing AMPX master interface format libraries, such as CSRL-IV, JEF-1, IRI and SCALE-45, and the old XSDRN-formatted libraries such as the COBB library can be used for the calculations. The code system contains the following modules and codes at present: AIM, AJAX, MALOCS, NITAWL-S, REVERT-I, ICE-2, CONVERT, JUAN, OCTAGN, XSDRNPM-S, XSDRN, ANISN and CITATION. The system will be extended with other SCALE modules and transport codes.
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The PASC-1 system is based on AMPX-II/SCALE-3 modules. Except for some SCALE-3 modules taken from the SCALIAS package, the original AMPX-II modules were IBM versions written in FORTRAN IV. These modules have been translated into CDC FORTRAN V. In order to test these modules and link them with some codes, some of the sample problem calculations have been performed for the whole PASC-1 system. During these calculations, some FORTRAN-77 errors were found in MALOCS, REVERT, CONVERT and some subroutines of SUBLIB (FORTRAN-77 subroutine library). These errors have been corrected. Because many corrections were made for the REVERT module, it is renamed as REVERT-I (improved version of REVERT). After these corrections, the whole system is running on a CDC-CYBER Computer (NOS-BE operating system).
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The principal restriction is the availability of an adequate amount of core storage. Work is in progress to install the system under the NOS-VE  operating system, using virtual memory.
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Running times depend upon the specific problems that are calculated. For sample problem calculations with 3 nuclides and sphere geometry the following executing sequence was used:
CSRL-IV binary library - AJAX-MALOCS (218-123G) - NITAWL-S-XSDRNPM-S (S8P3 and 123-4G) - OCTAGN-CITATION (4G). The total CPU time was 2.38 m on the CDC-CYBER/855 computer.
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The corresponding JEF-1 based library is ZZ-SCALE-LIB (NEA 1185/01).
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Package ID Status date Status
NEA-1238/01 11-MAR-1992 Screened
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- N.M. Greene et Al.
  A Modular Code System for Generating Coupled Multigroup Neutron-
  Gamma-Ray Cross-Section Libraries from Data in ENDF Format
  PSR-63/AMPX-II (1984).
- N.F. Landers et Al.
  A Modular Code System for Performing Standardized Computer
  Analyses for Licensing Evaluation
  CCC-475/SCALIAS-77 (1986).
- W.W. Engle Jr.
  A User's Manual for ANISN, A One-Dimensional Discrete Ordinates
  Transport Code with Anisotropic Scattering
  K-1693, Computing Technology Center (1967).
- T.B. Fowler, D.R. Vondy, G.W. Cunningham
  Nuclear Depletion and Dynamics Code: CITATION
  ORNL-TM-2496 (1969).
- N.M. Greene, C.W. Graven, Jr.
  XSDRN: A Discrete Ordinates Spectral Averaging Code
  ORNL-TM-2500 (1969).
- A 218-Group Neutron Cross-Section Reference Library in the AMPX
  Master Interface Format for Criticality Safety Studies
  CSRL-IV, DLC-43/ORNL (1984).
- E. Cuccoli et Al.
  A 219 Neutron Group Set from JEF-1 in the AMPX Library Interface
  JEF/DOC-181 (1987), restricted distribution (Western Europe and
- P. de Leege
  A 123-Group Neutron Cross-Section Library in the AMPX Master
  Interface Format
  Interfacultair Reactor Instituut, Delft, private communication
NEA-1238/01, included references:
- W. Yaoqing, J. Oppe, J.B.M. de Haas, H. Gruppelaar, J. Slobben:
  The Petten AMPX/SCALE Code System PASC-1 for Reactor Neutronics
  ECN-89-005 (November 1988) (Restricted Distribution).
- W. Yaoqing and J. Oppe:
  Input Specifications for the Modules and Codes in PASC-1 (Part I)
  FYS-LWR-89-03 (November 1988).
- W. Yaoqing and J. Oppe:
  Input Specifications for the Modules and Codes in PASC-1 (Part II)
  FYS-LWR-89-04 (November 1988).
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The PASC-1 system can run on the CDC-CYBER/855 computer. It requires 312K words of core storage with  a similar amount of extended core storage (ECS). Furthermore, sufficient disk storage is necessary for a number of scratch files.
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Package ID Computer language
NEA-1238/01 FORTRAN-77
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The PASC-1 system uses the NOS-BE operating system with the FORTRAN V compiler. Most modules and codes in PASC-1 are also available for the FORTRAN-77 compiler of NOS-VE (virtual operating system). Work is in progress to transfer all codes and files to NOS-VE.
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          W. Yaoqing, J. Oppe, J.B.M. de Haas,
          H. Gruppelaar and J. Slobben
          Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
          ECN, Petten, The Netherlands
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File name File description Records
NEA1238_01.001 Information file 199
NEA1238_01.002 RESTAB resonance tables for REVERT-I 228
NEA1238_01.003 AIMCSRL output from SP1 198
NEA1238_01.004 AJAXCSRL output from SP1 47
NEA1238_01.005 MALCSRL outputs from SP1 319
NEA1238_01.006 NITCSRL outputs from SP1 120
NEA1238_01.007 XPMCSRL outputs from SP1 478
NEA1238_01.008 ICE2CSRL outputs from SP1 306
NEA1238_01.009 XPMICE2 outputs from SP1 477
NEA1238_01.010 AIMIRI outputs from SP2 (IRIB) 102
NEA1238_01.011 AJAXIRI outputs from SP2 (IRIB) 47
NEA1238_01.012 REVERTIRI outputs from SP2 (IRIB) 297
NEA1238_01.013 XSDNIRI outputs from SP2 (IRIB) 3411
NEA1238_01.014 CITATIONIRI outputs from SP2 (IRIB) 325
NEA1238_01.015 MALCSRL outputs from SP2 (CSRLB) 417
NEA1238_01.016 REVERTCSRL outputs from SP2 (CSRLB) 739
NEA1238_01.017 XSDNCSRL outputs from SP2 (CSRLB) 3498
NEA1238_01.018 CITATIONCSRL outputs from SP2 (CSRLB) 325
NEA1238_01.019 NITIRI outputs from SP3 (IRIA) 724
NEA1238_01.020 XSPMIRI outputs from SP3 (IRIA) 1228
NEA1238_01.021 OCTIRI outputs from SP3 (IRIA) 151
NEA1238_01.022 CITATIONTIRI outputs from SP3 (IRIA) 327
NEA1238_01.023 NITCSRL outputs from SP3 (CSRLA) 152
NEA1238_01.024 XSPM12 outputs from SP3 (CSRLA) 1278
NEA1238_01.025 OCTCSRL outputs from SP3 (CSRLA) 151
NEA1238_01.026 CITATIONCSRL outputs from SP3 (CSRLA) 325
NEA1238_01.027 COVTCB outputs from SP4 (COBB) 216
NEA1238_01.028 NITCOB outputs from SP4 (COBB) 134
NEA1238_01.029 XSPMCOB outputs from SP4 (COBB) 1228
NEA1238_01.030 CONVERT outputs from SP4 (IRI) 216
NEA1238_01.031 NITCOV outputs from SP4 (IRI) 135
NEA1238_01.032 XSPMCOV outputs from SP4 (IRI) 1228
NEA1238_01.033 XSPMAS outputs from SP5 788
NEA1238_01.034 ANISN outputs from SP5 395
NEA1238_01.035 AJAXCSRL outputs from SP6 (BCF) 46
NEA1238_01.036 AJAXJEF0 outputs from SP6 (BCF) 45
NEA1238_01.037 AJAXBCF outputs from SP6 (BCF) 47
NEA1238_01.038 NITBINCF outputs from SP6 (BCF) 120
NEA1238_01.039 XPMBCFT outputs from SP6 (BCF) 478
NEA1238_01.040 AJAXCOBH outputs from SP6 (BCI) 45
NEA1238_01.041 AJAXIRI outputs from SP6 (BCI) 46
NEA1238_01.042 AJAXBIN outputs from SP6 (BCI) 47
NEA1238_01.043 REVTB outputs from SP6 (BCI) 292
NEA1238_01.044 XSDNBIN outputs from SP6 (BCI) 3434
NEA1238_01.045 CITSEG segmentation for CITATION 112
NEA1238_01.046 SUBLBS9 library subroutine source 3994
NEA1238_01.047 AIM79S library subroutine source 159
NEA1238_01.048 AIM source program 597
NEA1238_01.049 AJAX source program 254
NEA1238_01.050 MALOCS source program 844
NEA1238_01.051 NITAWL-S source program 3145
NEA1238_01.052 ICE-2 source program 4120
NEA1238_01.053 XSDRNPM-S source program 6689
NEA1238_01.054 OCTAGN source program 954
NEA1238_01.055 REVERT-I source program 906
NEA1238_01.056 CONVERT source program 1214
NEA1238_01.057 XSDRN source program 6842
NEA1238_01.058 XSDNEW2 source program (with level 2) 6508
NEA1238_01.059 JUAN source program 236
NEA1238_01.060 CITATION source program 28306
NEA1238_01.061 ANISN source program 4898
NEA1238_01.062 AIMCSLJ JCL cards for SP1 47
NEA1238_01.063 AJAXCSJ JCL cards for SP1 47
NEA1238_01.064 MALCSLJ JCL cards for SP1 33
NEA1238_01.065 NITCSLJ JCL cards for SP1 49
NEA1238_01.066 XPMCSLJ JCL cards for SP1 45
NEA1238_01.067 ICE2JJB JCL cards for SP1 47
NEA1238_01.068 XPMICJB JCL cards for SP1 45
NEA1238_01.069 AIMINP input cards for SP1 1
NEA1238_01.070 AJAXCSI input cards for SP1 5
NEA1238_01.071 MALCSLI input cards for SP1 30
NEA1238_01.072 NITCSLI input cards for SP1 5
NEA1238_01.073 XPMCSLI input cards for SP1 7
NEA1238_01.074 ICE2INP input cards for SP1 7
NEA1238_01.075 XPMICEI input cards for SP1 9
NEA1238_01.076 AIMIRIJ JCL cards for SP2 (IRIB) 47
NEA1238_01.077 AJXIRIJ JCL cards for SP2 (IRIB) 47
NEA1238_01.078 REVTIRJ JCL cards for SP2 (IRIB) 20
NEA1238_01.079 XSDNIRJ JCL cards for SP2 (IRIB) 19
NEA1238_01.080 CITIRJ JCL cards for SP2 (IRIB) 15
NEA1238_01.081 AIMINP input cards for SP2 (IRIB) 1
NEA1238_01.082 AJXIRII input cards for SP2 (IRIB) 5
NEA1238_01.083 REVTIRI input cards for SP2 (IRIB) 4
NEA1238_01.084 XSDNIRI input cards for SP2 (IRIB) 55
NEA1238_01.085 CITIRI input cards for SP2 (IRIB) 36
NEA1238_01.086 MALCS3J JCL cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 33
NEA1238_01.087 REVTCSJ JCL cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 20
NEA1238_01.088 XSDNCSJ JCL cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 19
NEA1238_01.089 CITCSJ JCL cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 15
NEA1238_01.090 MALCS3I input cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 37
NEA1238_01.091 REVTCSI input cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 4
NEA1238_01.092 XSDNCSI input cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 55
NEA1238_01.093 CITCSI input cards for SP2 (CSRLB) 36
NEA1238_01.094 NITJJJ JCL cards for SP3 (IRIA) 56
NEA1238_01.095 XPMIRIJ JCL cards for SP3 (IRIA) 51
NEA1238_01.096 OCTIRIJ JCL cards for SP3 (IRIA) 19
NEA1238_01.097 CITIRTJ JCL cards for SP3 (IRIA) 13
NEA1238_01.098 NITIII input cards for SP3 (IRIA) 5
NEA1238_01.099 XPMIRII input cards for SP3 (IRIA) 11
NEA1238_01.100 OCTIRI input cards for SP3 (IRIA) 5
NEA1238_01.101 CITIRTI input cards for SP3 (IRIA) 36
NEA1238_01.102 NITCS3J JCL cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 49
NEA1238_01.103 XPM123J JCL cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 51
NEA1238_01.104 OCTCSJ JCL cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 19
NEA1238_01.105 CITCSTJ JCL cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 13
NEA1238_01.106 NITCS3I input cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 5
NEA1238_01.107 XPM123I input cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 10
NEA1238_01.108 OCT123I input cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 5
NEA1238_01.109 CITCSTI input cards for SP3 (CSRLA) 36
NEA1238_01.110 COVTCBJ JCL cards for SP4 (COBB) 17
NEA1238_01.111 NITCOBJ JCL cards for SP4 (COBB) 49
NEA1238_01.112 XPMCOBJ JCL cards for SP4 (COBB) 51
NEA1238_01.113 COVTCBI input cards for SP4 (COBB) 4
NEA1238_01.114 NITCOBI input cards for SP4 (COBB) 5
NEA1238_01.115 XPMCOBI input cards for SP4 (COBB) 11
NEA1238_01.116 COVTJOB JCL cards for SP4 (IRI) 17
NEA1238_01.117 NITCOVJ JCL cards for SP4 (IRI) 49
NEA1238_01.118 XPMCOVJ JCL cards for SP4 (IRI) 51
NEA1238_01.119 COVINI input cards for SP4 (IRI) 4
NEA1238_01.120 NITCOVI input cards for SP4 (IRI) 5
NEA1238_01.121 XPMCOVI input cards for SP4 (IRI) 11
NEA1238_01.122 XSPMASJ JCL cards for SP5 53
NEA1238_01.123 ANISJOB JCL cards for SP5 16
NEA1238_01.124 XSPMASI input cards for SP5 10
NEA1238_01.125 ANISINP input cards for SP5 22
NEA1238_01.126 AJXCHUJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCF) 53
NEA1238_01.127 AJXFOJB JCL cards for SP6 (BCF) 53
NEA1238_01.128 AJXBCFJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCF) 54
NEA1238_01.129 NITBCFJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCF) 56
NEA1238_01.130 XPMBCFJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCF) 50
NEA1238_01.131 AJXCHUI input cards for SP6 (BCF) 5
NEA1238_01.132 AJXFOIN input cards for SP6 (BCF) 5
NEA1238_01.133 AJXBCFI input cards for SP6 (BCF) 4
NEA1238_01.134 NITBCFI input cards for SP6 (BCF) 5
NEA1238_01.135 XPMBCFI input cards for SP6 (BCF) 7
NEA1238_01.136 AJXCHJB JCL cards for SP6 (BCI) 53
NEA1238_01.137 AJXROUJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCI) 53
NEA1238_01.138 AJXBINJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCI) 54
NEA1238_01.139 REVTBJ JCL cards for SP6 (BCI) 18
NEA1238_01.140 XSDNBJ3 JCL cards for SP6 (BCI) 20
NEA1238_01.141 AJXCHIN input cards for SP6 (BCI) 5
NEA1238_01.142 AJXROUI input cards for SP6 (BCI) 5
NEA1238_01.143 AJXBINI input cards for SP6 (BCI) 4
NEA1238_01.144 REVTBI input cards for SP6 (BCI) 4
NEA1238_01.145 XSDNBI3 input cards for SP6 (BCI) 55
NEA1238_01.146 CITABUILD JCL for CITATION compilation 17
NEA1238_01.147 CSRL-IV BCD library data 122613
NEA1238_01.148 IRI BCD library data 38877
NEA1238_01.149 SCALE-45 BCD library data 118756
NEA1238_01.150 COBB BCD library data 79872
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  • B. Spectrum Calculations, Generation of Group Constants and Cell Problems
  • C. Static Design Studies
  • J. Gamma Heating and Shield Design
  • K. Reactor Systems Analysis

Keywords: Bondarenko scheme, Monte Carlo method, albedo, cell calculation, criticality, cross sections, fission products, fuel management, heat conduction, heat transfer, isotope production, modular programming, multiplication factors, neutron transport equation, radioactive decay, resonance absorption, self-shielding, three-dimensional, transmutation.