Database of measured isotopic concentrations of spent nuclear fuel, with operational histories and design data.

SFCOMPO 2.0 (Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition) is a relational database designed to facilitate the search and visualisation of experimental assay data of spent nuclear fuel. It allows the user to access, plot and export isotopic composition data, reactor operational histories and relevant design data relating to spent fuel samples. The database can be queried using different search criteria. The data in SFCOMPO come from fuel samples irradiated in power reactors which have been experimentally measured in the past 50 years. SFCOMPO 2.0 offers a consistent and standardised approach to store, retrieve and compare different datasets from different post-irradiation experimental campaigns. Whenever it has been possible, original experimental lab reports or original publications have either been linked directly from the application, or are referenced.

The aim of SFCOMPO 2.0 is to present the user of assay data with a referenced, standardised, cross-checked source of published experimental data for the use of assay data evaluators.

SFCOMPO 2.0 is developed by the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in close collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The data in SFCOMPO was captured by a collaboration between ORNL, NEA and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and has undergone an iterative review process by the NEA Expert Group on Assay Data of Spent Nuclear Fuel (EGADSNF). SFCOMPO-2.0 is distributed free of charge.


  • SFCOMPO 2.0 contains experimental data coming from 44 different reactors of 8 different international types, representing more than 730 fuel samples. The database currently contains more than 15900 isotopic concentration measurements.

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  • SFCOMPO 2.0 contains only openly accessible, published experimental assay data. The data in SFCOMPO 2.0 are presented as published, and have been cross-checked with special care to avoid transcription errors. In spite of this careful review, some errors may still exist. The user is directed to the original reference reports for final verification. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.
  • The data in SFCOMPO 2.0 is yet unevaluated, in the sense of a formal assay data evaluation. Without a full evaluation, the data in SFCOMPO cannot be directly used for code validation. The evaluation of assay data, which may result in the recommendation of benchmark quality assay datasets, is a multi-disciplinary effort that is application dependent.

System requirements

  • SFCOMPO 2.0 is developed in Java and is platform independent. SFCOMPO 2.0 can be used with Java version 6 or later, however, the use of the latest Java version is recommended.

Citing SFCOMPO 2.0

  • F. Michel-Sendis, I. Gauld, M. Bossant, N. Soppera: "A New OECD/NEA Database of nuclide compositions of spent nuclear fuel", Proceedings of the PHYSOR 2014 International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, October 2014.


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