Workshop on Radiological Characterisation for Decommissioning

    Studsvik, 17-19 April 2012


    The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, in co-operation with Studsvik Nuclear AB, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management AB (SKB) and AB SVAFO, organised a workshop on Radiological characterisation in decommissioning and dismantling in April 2012 in Studsvik, Sweden.

    The objective of the workshop was to share current practices, lessons learnt and innovation with radiological characterisation for decommissioning of nuclear sites and facilities. The outcome of the workshop was captured in workshop proceedings and in the final NEA WPDD project report in early 2013.

    The workshop aimed to bring together operators, regulators, scientists, consultants and contractors to exchange information and views.

    The workshop consisted of:

    • Session 1: Characterisation of materials and systems
    • Session 2: Characterisation of rooms and buildings
    • Session 3: Characterisation of land and groundwater
    • Session 4: Software support, record keeping, quality assurance and logistics
    • Poster session
    • Possibility to visit the Studsvik site facilities (waste treatment, reactor decommissioning and materials technology laboratories).
    • A working group for each session was founded during the planning of the conference and a final invitation with full details and the schedule was sent out during the second half of November 2011.


    Tuesday 17 April

    12:30 Seminar opening
    External presentations
    15:30 Session 1 Characterisation of materials and systems
    17:30 Adjourn

    Wednesday 18 April

    8:30 Session 2 Characterisation of rooms and buildings
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Session 3 Characterisation of land and groundwater
    17:00 Poster session
    19:00 Dinner reception

    Thursday 19 April

    8:30 Session 4 Software support, record keeping, quality assurance and logistics
    11:00 Discussion
    11:30 Summing up, seminar closing
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Guided tours on the Studsvik site

    Each session contained three or four presentations, group discussions and presentations of the group discussions outcome.


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