Radioactive Waste Management Committee


The Radioactive Waste Management Committee is an international committee made up of senior representatives from regulatory authorities, radioactive waste management agencies, policy making bodies and research and development institutions. Its purpose is to foster international co-operation in the management of radioactive waste and radioactive materials amongst the NEA member countries. The main tasks of the RWMC are:

  • to constitute a forum for the exchange of information and experience on waste management policies and practices in NEA member countries;

  • to develop a common understanding of the basic issues involved, and to promote the adoption of common philosophies of approach based on the discussion of the various possible waste management strategies and alternatives;

  • to keep under review the state of the art in the field of radioactive waste and materials management at the technical and scientific levels;

  • to contribute to the dissemination of information in this field through the organisation of specialist meetings and publication of technical reports and consensus statements summarising the results of joint activities for the benefit of the international scientific community, competent authorities at national level and other audiences generally interested in the subject matter;

  • to offer, upon request, a framework for the conduct of international peer review of national activities in the field of radioactive waste management, such as R&D programmes, safety assessments, specific regulations, etc.

In the fulfilment of its responsibilities, the Radioactive Waste Management Committee works in close co-operation with the Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH), the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) and the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI), as well as with other NEA Committees as appropriate.

The RWMC regulators meet regularly in the Regulators' Forum (RWMC-RF)

OECD Joint Projects Related to Radioactive Waste Management

International Co-operative Programme on Decommissioning (CPD)

Sorption Project

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Last updated: 26 March 2009