Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC)


The Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) was established by the NEA Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) in the year 2000.

It fosters learning about stakeholder dialogue and ways to develop shared confidence, informed consent and acceptance of radioactive waste (RW) management solutions.

A "stakeholder" is defined as anyone with a role to play or an interest in the process of deciding about RW management. The FSC provides a setting for direct stakeholder exchange in an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning.

Participating in this forum are government policy and regulatory officials, R&D specialists, implementers, and industry representatives from NEA member countries. Together they analyse, document and provide recommendations on today’s and tomorrow’s processes for embedding waste management programmes into a socio-political decision-making context.

Annual meetings plus national workshops and community visits

The FSC convenes annually for a regular meeting and is often complemented by an FSC national workshop. The regular meetings include lectures and topical case study sessions to share experiences. FSC national workshops are organised in volunteer NEA member countries to bring together all the national stakeholders to provide a neutral ground for discussion, dialogue and advancement of knowledge on long-term radioactive waste management. FSC members and other international actors involved in RW management are invited to learn about the host country’s waste management programme and provide support by giving an external reflection built up on their own experience. They are often supplemented by a half a day devoted to a community visit (potential or selected site for a repository) or open event (public meeting or debate).

Lessons learnt from the FSC: a synthesis provided by the European Commission/Joint Research Centre E-Track project: BRANS Marleen, FERRARO Gianluca, VON ESTORFF Ulrik (2015), "The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency’s Forum on Stakeholder Confidence, radioactive waste management and public participation. A synthesis of its learnings and guiding principles", Publications Office of the European Union, Luxemburg.

FSC flyers

Seeking to make its lessons learnt more easily accessible, the FSC offers flyers in various languages. In the case of Japanese, the FSC proposes bilingual English-Japanese versions of the flyers.

FSC identity flyer (2017)
English A4

"Bridging Gaps – Developing Sustainable Intergenerational Decision Making in Radioactive Waste Management" (2016)
English A4

How can stakeholder involvement be improved? (2015)
English A4

FSC national workshops (2014)
English A4, US letter, A4, Japanese A4, Czech A4, Korean A4, German A4

Stakeholder confidence and transparency in radioactive waste management (2014)
English A4, Italian A4

Geological disposal of radioactive wastes: national commitment, local and regional involvement (2013)
English A4, US letter, Japanese A4

More than just concrete realities: the symbolic dimension of radioactive waste and its management (2011)
English A4, US letter, Korean A4

The partnership approach to siting and developing radioactive waste management facilities (2010)
English A4, US letter, A4, Japanese A4, Korean A4, Italian A4

From information and consultation to citizen influence and power (2010)
English A4, US letter, A4, Japanese A4, Korean A4

Decision-making for radioactive waste management: principles, action goals, confidence factors (2008)
English A4, US letter, A4, Spanish A4, Japanese A4, Czech A4, Korean A4, Italian A4

Stepwise approach to the long-term management of radioactive waste (2008)
English A4, US letter, A4, Spanish A4, Japanese A4, Czech A4, Korean A4, Italian A4

Towards waste management facilities that become a durable and attractive part of the fabric of local community – relevant design features (2008)
English A4, US letter, A4, Spanish A4, Japanese A4, Czech A4, Korean A4

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Last reviewed: 31 March 2020