Expert Group on Operational Safety (EGOS)

Aims and Objectives

The EGOS will

  • share technical, regulatory, or stakeholder related experience in operational safety;
  • identify plausible hazards in a geological repository, utilizing experience gained from the operation of mines (both uranium and non-radioactive), nuclear facilities and relevant engineering projects from outside the nuclear industry;
  • share and improve know-how on the practical assessment of hazards;
  • define best practices and technical solutions for risk prevention and mitigation;
  • enable the IGSC to foster in-depth exchanges with other international organisations/projects in the field of operational safety.

Modus Operandi

The modus operandi is as follows:

  • One regular meeting per year.
  • One optional, additional workshop per year.
  • Yearly reporting to the annual meeting of the IGSC.
  • Inter-sessional work through electronic means and through ad hoc task groups.

Duration of the Mandate

The duration of the current mandate is two years (2013-2015), renewable at the discretion of the IGSC.

Meetings and Technical Workshops

Initial Meeting, October 2012

A preliminary discussion, hosted at Andra's headquarters, was carried out with interested IGSC safety experts and the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in October 2012. More specifically, the initial meeting focused on: (i) identifications of key operational issues; (ii) regulation framework; (iii) safety approach and (iv) technical topics (e.g. fire risks).

EGOS Kick-Off Meeting, 24 June 2013

The expert group held its kick-off meeting on 24 June 2013 at the OECD NEA headquarters in Paris to discuss initial work activities, schedules and other project details. Meeting outcomes are provided in the EGOS Working Area for Members.

Technical Workshop on Fire Risk and Ventilation, Q1 2014

The expert group is currently planning for a technical workshop in early 2014 to further investigate fire risks associated with an operating geological repository Also intended to be covered in this workshop will be the potential issues that are relevant to the design and operation of the ventilation system. More information of this workshop will be provided.

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