Committee on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Legacy Management (CDLM)

The Committee on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Legacy Management (CDLM) assists members in managing a broad range of decommissioning issues, including the management of legacy sites and waste. The committee provides a forum for experts representing national agencies with policy and programme responsibilities in decommissioning, regulatory authorities, policy-making bodies, research institutes and other interested stakeholders, to facilitate the exchange of experience and information on policies and practices in the areas of decommissioning and legacy management. In addition, the committee also aims at advancing state of the art on environmental, financial and societal aspects in these areas. Broadly, the topics of interest of the CDLM include:


The information of the CDLM structure, its working parties, and expert groups will be provided after their creation in the first committee meeting in March 2019. Relevant working parties and expert groups previously under the auspices of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) and the Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) include:

Joint project


All NEA member countries are members of the CDLM. The European Commission (EC) is a full member of the committee and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) participates in the work of the committee as an observer.

This committee will consist of senior decommissioning experts from nuclear organisations, regulatory authorities and policy developers as well as key players in high-profile decommissioning projects of member countries who will share their expertise in decommissioning planning, strategies selection and lessons learnt in managing challenges.

The list of countries and organisations of the committee will be listed here after the nomination of delegates from member countries according to the OECD Rules of Procedure.

Meetings and workshops

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