Radioactive Waste Bulletin No. 13

The NEA Nuclear Waste Bulletin has been prepared by the Division of Radiological Protection and Radioactive Waste Management of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency to provide a means of communication amongst the various technical and policy groups within the radioactive waste management community. In particular, it is intended to provide concise information on current activities, policies and programmes in Members countries and within other international organisations. It is also intended that the Bulletin assists in the communication of recent progress in the development of technologies for the management and disposal of radioactive waste.

The Bulletin does not include an exhaustive description of national programmes, rather it provides yearly updates. The reader is therefore invited to go back to the information given in previous bulletins and, if necessary, to contact national correspondents in order to obtain more complete information. The information presented herein is up-to-date to the first few months of calendar year 1998.

With respect to the last year issue, the bulletin contains two new sections:

The "Highlights" section provides a brief overview of major developments and allows the reader to better orient himself to the material in the section on " National programmes and policies".

The "Focus country" section is intended to give, each year, a fuller report of the status of radioactive waste management in some specific countries. This year’s focus countries are Finland and Hungary.

Table of Contents

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The NEA gratefully acknowledges the help of Mr. M. Kucerka and his team in the Czech Republic, in the preparation of the present version of the Nuclear Waste Bulletin.