Science and Values in Radiological Protection

The second workshop of the CRPPH on radiological protection and public health

Vaulx de Cernay
, France

30 November - 2 December 2009


In co-operation with the IRSN, Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire, France.

Sponsored by MEEDDM, Ministère de l'Écologie, de l'Energie, du Développement durable et de la Mer, France

Also sponsored by CEPN, Centre d'étude sur l'évaluation de la Protection dans le domaine nucléaire, France.

The Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency invites you to attend the second Science and Values in Radiological Protection workshop, to be held at Vaulx de Cernay, France, Monday 30 November - Wednesday 2 December 2009. This workshop will be organised in co-operation with the IRSN and benefits from joint sponsorship by CEPN, IRSN, MEEDDM and OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

Historical background

The workshop will provide a forum for exchange of information and experience among regulators, scientists and governmental and non-governmental organisations in the areas of radiological protection and public health, and will be the second in the series of NEA workshops on this subject.

The first Science and Values in Radiological Protection workshop was held in Helsinki in January 2008 and hosted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK). The workshop focus was on developing a shared understanding between various stakeholders and identifying the elements of a framework more suited to the integration of new scientific and technological developments and socio-political considerations in radiological protection.

From "What if?" to "What now?"

During the first workshop, a "What if?" format was used to discuss the scientific aspects in some key areas of emerging radiological protection science. The results of the dialogue among the attending regulators, scientists and NGOs were seen as having very positively improved mutual understanding of issues, viewpoints and possible implications. It was also seen as having begun to identify elements of a process and framework for the better integration of the social and scientific dimensions of radiological protection.

Re-emphasising that radiological protection is a combination of science and value judgments, the CRPPH agreed at its sixty-sixth annual meeting to continue the useful discussions begun in Helsinki by organising the second workshop. Here, however, the committee agreed to focus on radiological protection issues that are currently facing us, and that continue to pose challenges to our world today. As such, the second workshop in this series will be designed to address a series of current radiological protection issues from the standpoint not of "What if?", but rather, "What now?".

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