Fourth Asian Regional Conference on the Evolution of the System of Radiological Protection

Tokyo, Japan, 13-14 December 2007


Day 1 - Thursday 13 December 2007

Welcome and conference opening
9:30 Welcome address

9:50 Welcome address and NEA expectations
Ms. Janice Dunn-Lee
Deputy Director-General
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Session 1: The New ICRP General Recommendations
Chair: Dr. Yasuhito Sasaki
Co-Chair: Mr. Peter A. Burns

10:00 The New ICRP System of Radiological Protection
Dr. Lars-Erik Holm
Chair, International Commission on Radiological Protection

11:00 Dialogue with the ICRP Chair:
Questions and Answers for Clarification of the New ICRP Recommendations

Session 2: Special Session on the International Basic Safety Standards
Chair: Dr.Toshiso Kosako
Co-Chair: Dr. Ho-Sin Choi

11:30 Current Situation of Revision Work on the International Basic Safety Standards

12:30 Lunch

Session 3: Challenges in the Implementation of the New Recommendations: Views from National Authorities
Chair: Mr. Jacques Lochard
Co-Chair: Dr. Ohtsura Niwa

14:00 Views from the Japanese Regulatory Authority
Director of Radiation Protection and Accident Management Division, Secretariat of NSC, Japan
Director for Radiation Protection Policy, MEXT, Japan

14:30 Views from the Korean Regulatory Authority
Dr. Ho-Sin Choi
Director, Radiation Safety Regulation Division,
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS)

14:50 Break

15:20 Views from the Australian Regulatory Authority
Mr. Peter A. Burns
Director, Environmental & Radiation Health Branch
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)

15:40 Views from the Chinese Authorities
Dr. Zi Qiang Pan
ICRP Main Commission
Science and Technology Commission
China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA)
Dr. Yihua Xia
Dept. of Health Physics
China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

16:10 Views from Indonesia
Speaker: To be determined

Session 4: Views from the Japanese Nuclear Industry and Radiation Protection Professionals on the ICRP Recommendations
Chair: Dr. Zi Qiang Pan
Co-Chair: Dr. Michiaki Kai

16:30 Views from Japanese Industry
Speaker: To be determined

16:50 Views from Radiation Protection Professionals
Dr. Kazuo Sakai
Chair of Committee for International Correspondence,
Japan Health Physics Society (JHPS)

17:10 Views from the Medical Profession
Speaker: Dr. Tsuneo Ishiguchi
Japan Radiological Society (JRS)
Aichi Medical University

17:30 End of Day one

18:30 Reception

Day 2 – Friday 14 December 2007

Session 5: Challenges in the Implementation of the New Recommendations: Views from the NCRP (USA) and Russian Federation
Chair: Dr. Lars-Erik Holm
Co-Chair: Dr. Takashi Nakamura

9:30 Views from the NCRP (USA)
Dr. Thomas Tenforde
President of the National Council On Radiation
Protection and Measurements, (NCRP, USA)

10:30 Views from Russia
Speaker: to be determined

11:30 Lunch

Session 6: Panel Discussion: Panel members will respond to questions from participants

13:30 Topic: Issues of Implementation of the New Recommendations
Moderator: Dr. Hans Riotte, NEA

Panel members:

Session 7: Synthesis of the Meeting

14:30 The Asian Perspective
Dr. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
CRPPH Bureau

14:45 Implications for ICRP Developments
Dr. Lars-Erik Holm
ICRP Chair

15:00 The CRPPH Perspective
Mr. Jacques Lochard

15:15 Conference end