Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters

Organisational structure within the NEA

The NEA Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) created the Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters (formerly referred to as Expert group on Nuclear Emergency Matters) and approved its terms of reference. These are, in general, valid for three years. In this regular cycle of updating and approving, the CRPPH directs the activities of the Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters.

The Chairman of the Working Party regularly reports to the CRPPH on the current status of the work programme, on achievements made, and on future projects and objectives, including a long-term perspective. The CRPPH is invited to discuss and approve the work programme and the achievements made. In addition, the CRPPH members can express their ideas and priorities in the area of nuclear emergency planning, preparedness and management, and assist the Working Party in establishing their long-term objectives.

Last reviewed: 19 March 2013