The Expert Group on the Process of Stakeholder Involvement (EGPSI)


Terms of Reference  

Created: March 2001

Next Review: March 2003

Chair: Mr. Jacques Lochard, France

The Terms of Reference of this Group are as follows:

  1. The Expert Group will develop a document summarising the policy-relevant aspects of the process of stakeholder involvement. This document should be presented during the 3rd Villigen Workshop and, based on discussions there, be finalised for review and approval by the CRPPH no later than the 2004 CRPPH meeting.
  2. In support of this first task, the Expert Group will analyse, with the help of consultants, good practice in stakeholder involvement in radiological protection decision making and resulting policy implications based on recent national experiences, such as those presented during Villigen 1 and Villigen 2 workshops. A report of this work should be completed by early 2003 and presented at the 3rd Villigen Workshop.
  3. The Expert Group will be responsible for the development of the programme for the 3rd Villigen Workshop based on an enlarged meeting of the EGPSI that will include relevant stakeholders. This programme will be submitted to the CRPPH for review and approval during the Committee's March 2002 meeting. The 3rd Villigen Workshop should take place in the late Spring or early Summer of 2003.
  4. The Expert Group will be responsible for the preparation of Workshop proceedings that will be published, after approval by the CRPPH, within approximately 6 months following the workshop.
  5. The results of this CRPPH Expert Group should be presented to the international community, including timely submittal of a paper for the IRPA-11 Congress, and particularly to the ICRP so that the policy-relevant aspects of stakeholder involvement will be considered as the Commission develops new recommendations.
  6. The Expert Group should report on its progress during the 2002 and 2003 meetings of the CRPPH, and should plan to complete its mandate no later than the 2004 meeting of the CRPPH.

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