Expert Group on the Implications of ICRP Recommendations (EGIR)  

Terms of Reference  

Created: March 2002

Complete Terms: February 2004

Chair: to be determined

The Terms of Reference of this Group are as follows:

Within the context of the current CRPPH Programme of Work, the EGRP work will identify the possible implications of the ICRP's new draft recommendations concerning the overall framework of the system of radiological protection, and the radiological protection of the environment. The Group will also suggest ways that the final ICRP Recommendations could best serve the needs of national and international policy makers, regulators and implementers. The following tasks will be carried out:

    1. The Expert Group will assist the Secretariat in developing a Programme for the 2nd NEA / ICRP Forum.
    2. The Expert Group will, following the release of the draft ICRP recommendations, analyse its possible implications to national and international level radiological protection policy, regulation, and implementation. The Group will also develop suggestions, if appropriate, as to how the draft recommendation could better address the needs of these affected groups. Because of time constraints, this work will be carried out through one meeting in January or February 2003, and electronic communications to develop a report for submission to the CRPPH for discussion and approval.
    3. The Expert Group will present its final draft results to the CRPPH at its March 2003 meeting. The CRPPH will discuss this topic during a special topical session, and will instruct the Expert Group how to proceed to finalise its report.
    4. The Expert Group will finalise its report, based on input from the CRPPH, and will present this work at the 2nd NEA / ICRP Forum, to be held in June 2003.
    5. The Expert Group will contribute to the finalisation of results from the 2nd NEA / ICRP Forum, particularly in the form of a summary report and the Forum proceedings by January 2004..


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