Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)

2nd CNRA International Workshop on New Reactor Siting, Licensing and Construction Experience

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
24-26 October 2012

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Programme and presentations

Opening Session

Chairs: Laura Dudes (Workshop Chairperson, US NRC), Steve Gibson (WGRNR Chairman, ONR, UK)

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Session I: Regulatory Cooperation on Generic and Design Specific Issues, MDEP Working Groups (EPR, AP1000), Vendor Inspection Co-Operation, Digital I&C, and Codes/Standards)

Chairs: Thomas Houdré (ASN, France), Alejandro Huerta (OECD/NEA)

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Panel Discussion on lessons learned on the on-going new reactor design reviews, Industry perspective and efforts to promote standard designs as well as harmonization of requirements and standards, Industry perspectives on their interaction with regulators, and ongoing issues on Fukushima lessons learnt.

Session II: Regulatory Positions on Siting Practices and Enhancements as a Result of Lessons Learned from Fukushima Accident

Chairs: Philip Webster (CNSC, Canada), Marcin Zagrajek (NAEA, Poland)

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Panel Discussion on Siting Issues and Fukushima Lessons Learned (External Events, Multi site unites, Severe Accident in Emergency Preparedness Planning)

Session III: Construction Experience and Regulatory Oversight of New Reactor Construction Activities

Chairs: José Balmisa (CSN, Spain), Janne Nevalainen (STUK, Finland)

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Panel Discussion on Lessons learned from current and past construction experience, project management, including subcontractors issues, Organisational factors

Session IV: Lessons Learned from Regulatory Licensing Reviews of New Reactor Designs

Chairs: Steve Gibson (ONR, UK), Mohammed Shuaibi (NRC, USA)

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Panel Discussion on Regulatory and Industry challenges and successes that have been predominant in most of the current licensing processes


Chairs: Laura Dudes (Workshop Chairperson, US NRC), Steve Gibson (WGRNR Chairman, ONR, UK)

Conclusions, Lessons Learnt and Recommendations from the Workshop

Workshop photos

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