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MASCA Seminar 2004

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Final programme

Thursday 10 June

8:00 Registration  
8:30 Welcome Mr Schwarz (Director IRSN/DPAM, FR)
    Mr Mathet (NEA)


Session 1: Opening and overview

Chairs: Mr Gonzalez (IRSN, FR)- Mr Mathet (NEA)

8:45 Overview of in-vessel retention issues and the role of RASPLAV and MASCA projects Dr Tuomisto (FORTUM Nuclear Services Ltd, FIN)
9:15 MASCA Project: Major activities and results Dr Tsurikov  (RRC KI, RF)
9:45 MASCA Activities on Development of Technical Capabilities Mr Kisselev (RRC KI, RF)
10:15 Coffee break  

Session 2: Experimental results

Chairs: Prof Sehgal (KTH, SWD) – Dr Hozer (AEKI, HUN)

10:45 Partitioning of Zr, U and FP between Molten Oxidic and Metallic Corium Dr Bechta (NITI, RF)
11:15 Study of the Molten Metal Migration in the Oxide Porous Matrix Mr Kisselev (RRC KI, RF)
11:45 Physical properties measurements within MASCA project Dr Merzlyakov (RRC KI, RF)
12:15 Study of thermal hydraulic processes in a stratified molten pool Dr Semenov (IBRAE, RF)
12:45-14:30 Lunch  

Session 3: Theoretical analysis

Chairs: Dr Powers (SNL, USA) - Dr Micaelli (IRSN, FR)

14:30 The analysis of the large scale RCW test
Prof Strizhov (IBRAE, RF)
14:50 Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer processes in a stratified molten pool
Dr Semenov (IBRAE, RF)
15:10 Density Stratification and Fission Product Partitioning in Molten Corium Phases
Dr Powers (SNL, USA)
15:30 Thermodynamic analysis for molten corium stratification using ionic liquid database
Mr Fukasawa (JNES, JAP)
15:50 Coffee break  
16:20 An experimental and theoretical thermodynamic approach to study the miscibility gap in a U-Zr-O-Fe model corium
Dr Guéneau (CEA, FR)
16:40 Thermophysical properties of in-vessel corium: MASCA Programme related results


Mr Barrachin (IRSN, FR)
17:00 Thermodynamic modelling and databanking: NUCLEA Dr Cheynet (Thermodata, FR)

End of the first day

Dinner hosted by IRSN

Friday 11 June

Session 4: Applications, complementary work

Chairs: Dr Trambauer (GRS, GER) – Mr Robledo Sanz (CSN, SP)
8:45 MASCA Major Findings and Their Implication on Accident Progression Scenario
Prof Strizhov (IBRAE, RF)
9:10 Experiments with boron containing corium
Dr Hozer (AEKI, HUN)
9:30 CEA approach to the modelling of corium behaviour and the place of MASCA
Dr Seiler (CEA, FR)
9:50 An efficient convection scheme based on molten pool plumes and scaling Dr Muller (GRS, GER)
10:20 Coffee break  
10:40 Modelling of corium stratification in the lower plenum of a reactor vessel
Dr Fichot (IRSN, FR)
11:00 The thermalhydraulics of corium pools undergoing a miscibility gap. Model development and reactor applications
Dr Seiler (CEA, FR)
11:20 Natural convection heat transfer in a stratified melt pool with volumetric heat generation
Prof Raj Sehgal (KTH, SWD)
11:40 Severe Core Damage Accident Progression within a CANDU Calandria Vessel
Dr Mathew (AECL, CAN)
12:00 Potential impact of the MASCA results on the EPR melt retention concept
Dr Fisher (Framatome-anp, GER)
12:20-14:00 Lunch  
14:00 MASCA2 project
Dr Tsurikov (RRC KI, RF)

Session 5: General discussion - Conclusions and recommendations

Chairs: Dr Tsurikov (RRC KI, RF) & Dr Tuomisto (Fortum Nuclear Services Ltd, FIN)

14:20 Discussions led by the chairs
Input from chairs, co-chairs and the floor
16:00 Workshop closure  


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