CSNI International Workshop

Defence in Depth of Electrical Systems and Grid Interaction (DIDELSYS) Project

10-11 May 2011
OECD Conference Centre (Room CC12), 2, rue André Pascal, 75116 PARIS

Announcement and Call for Papers

Background and objectives Scope, content and outline Logistics

Logistics and participation in the workshop


Participation was open to electrical power experts from regulatory authorities and their technical support organizations, research organizations, NPP owners and operators, NPP designers and vendors, and industry associations and observers from OECD NEA member countries. According to the issues covered, grid regulators and operators were strongly encouraged to participate in this workshop. Nominations were made through the NEA Secretariat.

The meeting was open to a small number of experts from non-OECD member countries. The participation of these experts was arranged by the NEA Secretariat.

Papers and case studies addressing the issues mentioned in the scope of the workshop were welcomed.


Participants filled in the electronic registration form by 29 April 2011.

The Organizing Committee confirmed the acceptance of registration for the workshop.

Location and accommodation

The workshop was held at the OECD Conference Centre (Room CC7), 2, rue André Pascal, 75116 Paris, France.


All presentations and discussions were in English, and good command of the English language was necessary to fully benefit from the workshop.


Participants who wished to make presentations had to submit a summary (abstract). All summaries should have been submitted by 31 March 2011 with the registration form. (Note: All submitted summaries should have been submitted electronically in MS Word and "times 11" font. Presentations were expected to be created in MS PowerPoint.)

Workshop proceedings

Proceedings from the workshop were published, and they included presentations from the opening session, conclusions and recommendations from the discussion groups, a summary of panel discussions and abstracts and presentations by participants to the workshop.

Organizing Committee

John Bickel   USA DIDELSYS Chair
Alexander Duchac EC/JRC International  
Per Bystedt SSM Sweden  
Alejandro HUERTA OECD-NEA International Secretariat

Last reviewed: 10 December 2013