Technical Workshop on TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident Handouts


(Note: some of the presentation material is provided in Japanese only)

List – Program (644kb)

23 July (Room A – Conference Hall)

Session AM-1 Analysis of Accident Progression (1)

1.    Detailed analysis of the accident progression of Units 1 to 3 by using MAAP code (1,785kb)

2.    Accident Sequence Analysis of Unit 1 to 3 using MELCOR Code (1,685kb) 

3.    Analysis for Accident Progression with THALES2 Code (5,964kb) 

Session AM-2 Analysis of Accident Progression (2)

1.    Study for the leakage potential of PCV which have suffered by the condition of Fukushima accident (953kb)

2-1    Analysis of Reactor Water Level and Containment Vessel Pressure and Temperature under assuming small leakage of pipe connected with Pressure Vessel (1,017kb)

2-2    Analysis of Reactor Water Level and Containment Vessel Pressure and Temperature under assuming small leakage of pipe connected with Pressure Vessel (658kb) 

3.    Accident sequence analysis using event tree of level 1 PSA (548kb) 

4.    Evaluation of the depth of concrete ablation by molten core (972kb) 

Session AM-3 Estimation of Radioactive Substance

1.    Source Term Analysis Using MELCOR Code (945kb) 

2.    Estimation of radioactive release resulting from Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS accident (575kb)

3.    Estimation of Time Trend of Atmospheric Releases on 131I and 137Cs (977kb) 

4.    Direct release rate of radionuclides to the ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant estimated numerically by a regional ocean model (1,932kb) 

5.    Estimation of the total amount of 137Cs direct release associated with the Fukushima accident (1,487kb)

23 July (Room B – Rm. 1120)

Session BM-1  Off-site Status

1.    Designating and Rearranging the Areas of Evacuation (Japanese 850kb) 

2.    Overviews of Offsite Cleanup Activities (Japanese 1,774kb) 

3.    Overview of the Results of the Decontamination Model Projects (Japanese 4,200kb)

Session BM-2  Current Status of the NPS and Implementation Status of the Mid-long Term Measures

1.    Total situations of TEPCO’s Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS (2,229kb)

2.    Mid-to-Long term Roadmap toward Reactor Decommissioning and R & D plans (840kb)

3.    The state of the inside of the PCVs based on atmosphere gas measurement results (655kb)

4.    Evaluation of Xe concentration in the PCV atmosphere of the Unit 2 (1,243kb)

5.    The situation of addressing the fuel removal from spent fuel pools in Units 1 to 4 (1,697kb)

24 July (Room A)

Session AT-4 Earthquake and Tsunamis

1.    Earthquake Ground Motion Observed at the NPS and the Ground Motion Simulation (7,727kb)

2.    Tsunami Survey Results in the NPS and Reproduction Analysis Using Tsunami Inversion (2,267kb)

3.    JNES model for developing the design tsunami based on the probabilistic tsunami assessment (1,758kb)

4.    Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake at Fukushima Daiichi NPS (12,842kb)

Session AT-5 Leakage of Contaminated water from CV

1.   Investigation results of the inside of the PCVs and an investigation plan for identifying routes of leakage (1,627kb)

2.    Various Approaches for Understanding State of Plants (820kb)

3.    Estimation of the PCV cooling state using pressure measurement data during nitrogen injection (2,081kb)

Session AT-6 Lessons Learned from the Accident?

1.    Reform of Nuclear Regulation Organisation and System in Japan (286kb)

2.    Discussion on basic direction of safety regulation on severe accidents (1,093kb)

24 July (Room B)

Session BT-3 Spent Fuel Pool of Unit 4

1.    Investigation of the cause of hydrogen explosion at the Unit 4 Reactor Building (1,416kb)

2.    Study on the Issues about Hydrogen Explosion at Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS (967kb) 

3.    Regarding the integrity of the spent fuel pool at unit4 (883kb)

4.    Analysis of Fuel Heat-up in a Spent Fuel Pool during a LOCA (423kb)

5.    Seismic safety evaluation of the Spent Fuel Pool at the unit4 (1,694kb)

6.    Seismic Safety Evaluation of the Spent Fuel Pool at the Unit 4 (2,497kb)

7.    Fukushima Lessons Learned: Spent Fuel Pools (206kb)

8.    Safety of the Spent Fuel Pool (Japanese 941kb) 

Last reviewed: 25 August 2014