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Opening Session
1. Impact of the Year 2000 on the Nuclear Industry - Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities, Barry Kaufer (OCDE NEA), France


2. Impact of the Year 2000 on the Nuclear Industry, Dr. Agnes Bishop, President (AECB), Canada


3. Exterminating the Bug: Governmental and Industrial Challenges in the Face of the Year 2000 Problem , Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, Chairman (NRC), United States Paper
4. Tackling the Year 2000 Challenge, Mr. Guy McKenzie, Assistant Secretariat Paper

Inspection Procedures for Critical Programs that Model Physical Phenonema, Dr. David Parnas (NSERC/Bell Ind. Research Chair)

6. Chair Myths and Methods, Is there a Scientific Basis for Y2K Inspections?, Dr. David Parnas, (NSERC/Bell Ind. Research Chair) Paper

Session I – Status of Y2K Programme Implementation and Corrective Actions

1. Year 2000: Regulating the UK Nuclear Industry, Peter Hughes (NII), United Kingdom Paper
2. Computer Year 2000 Problems in Japanese Nuclear Facilities, Hiroyuki Kondo (ANRE/ MITI) and Zen-ichi Ogiso (NUPEC), Japan Paper
3. Millennium Challenge: The Canadian Regulatory Strategy, Namir Anani (AECB), Canada Paper
4. Measures Taken by the Nuclear Regulatory Administration on Preventing of Negative Consequences of Year 2000 Problem on Ukrainian NPPs Safety, Volvodymyr Bezsalyi (NRA), Ukraine Paper
5. The Y2K Project Management Challenge, David Kwan (Ontario Hydro), Canada Paper
6. Y2K Strategies for Korean Nuclear Industry, Young-Woo Chang (KOPEC) and Kyu Bong Lee KEPCO), Korea Paper
7. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Year 2000 Programme, John Pauksens (AECL), Canada Paper
8. Perspective and Status of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Year 2000 Initiatives, Matt Chiramal (NRC), United States Paper
9. The Year 2000 and the French Nuclear Facilities, Jean-Yves Henry, Pascal Regnier, Frederic Daumas & S.Manners (IPSN), France Paper
10. The French Safety Authority Point of View on Year 2000 Problems, Anne-Marie Lapppassat (DSIN), France Paper
11. The Electricité de France Response to the Year 2000 Challenge, Bernard Payen (EDF), France Paper
Session II – Identified Y2K Problems and Their Remediation
1. The Work on the Y2K Issue in Sweden, Bo Liwĺng (SKI), Sweden Paper
2. Current State of Verification for Safety Relevant Software with Regard to the Millennium in German Nuclear Power Plants, Hartmuth Heinsohn (GRS), Germany Paper
3. Impact of Year 2000 Problems on the Nuclear Industry in Russia, Inna Kaliberda, Alexander Gutsalov and Anatoly Alpeev (Gosatomnadzor), Russia Paper
4. Inventory Completeness and Categorisation, Ian Roberts (Ontario Hydro), Canada Paper
5. Seabrook Station Millennium Project, Philip Prognarola, (North Atlantic), United States Paper
6. Regulatory Strategy and Status for the Y2K Readiness Programme of the NPPs in Korea, Paper, Choong-Heui Jeong, Soung-Hun Oh and Won-Ki Shin (KINS,) Korea Paper
7. Managing Year 2000 at a VVER Plant A Case Study from Loviisa NPS, Paper, Ulf Lindén (Loviisa NPP), Finland Paper
8. The Certification Process for the Year 2000, Sig Rannem (Ontario Hydro), Canada Paper
Session III – Contingency Planning
1. Y2K Contingency Planning, Jack Gibson (PECO Nuclear), United States Paper
2. Y2K External Risk Dependencies and Management, Bruce Mason (Ontario Hydro), Canada Paper
3. Nuclear Generation Year 2000 Contingency Planning, Eric Northeim (Carolina P & L), United States Paper
4. Y2K Emergency Preparedness and Precautionary Posture, Ian Nunn (Ontario Hydro), Canada Paper
5. US NRC Draft Y2K Contingency Plan for the Year 2000 Issue in the Nuclear Industry, Joseph Giitter (NRC), United States Paper
6. NRC Y2K Draft Contingency Plan, Joseph Giitter (NRC), United States Paper
Additional Papers
1. Control Millennium Bug in Tawain Power Company, Chen Wen-Hua (TPC), Chinese Taipei Paper
2. Year 2000 Effect at Nuclear Power Plants in Spain, Lorenzo Francia (UNESA), Spain Paper
3. Spain: The Regulatory Work on the Y2K Issue, Francisco Gallardo (CSN), Spain Paper