Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety (WGFCS)

Programme of work

The objective of the Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety (WGFCS) is to advance the understanding for both regulators and operators of relevant aspects of nuclear fuel cycle safety in member countries.

Work in progress or recently finished

Ageing Management of Fuel Cycle Facilities

The task, which the main objective is to review the potential impact of ageing on the safety, regulation, and operability of nuclear fuel cycle facilities (FCFs), started with a questionnaire and continued by a Workshop on Ageing Management of Fuel Cycle Facilities, which was held in Paris on 5 to 7 October 2009. Workshop was attended by about 40 participants from 8 countries and two and half days discussions were organised around the presentation of 20 papers.

A workshop proceedings was published. A Technical opinion paper will complete the task.

Safety Assessment of Fuel Cycle Facilities

A new task started in 2010 and a workshop on a Workshop on Safety Assessment of FCFs should take place in Toronto, Canada, 27 – 29 September 2011.

Future activities

Long-term Irradiated Fuel Management has been a future activity under discussion in the WGFCS.

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Last reviewed: 14 February 2011