CSNI Programme Review Group (CSNI PRG)

The Programme Review Group is made up of senior experts with broad programmatic experience and high-level responsibilities in nuclear safety technology and research. Specifically, it is formed by one expert from each of the four countries with the largest nuclear safety research programmes (i.e., France, Germany, Japan and the USA), plus three experts from the other CSNI member countries chosen on a rotating basis every two years. Currently, these are Canada, Hungary and Korea.

The Programme Review Group assists the CSNI Bureau to review proposals from the working groups, to ensure that proposals and reports have appropriate focus and alignment with the CSNI-CNRA joint strategic plan (JSP), and to enable the review of major reports in order to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

The group assists the CSNI Bureau in establishing the CSNI Operating Plan (OP) and maintaining it up to date, reviewing the integrated plans of each working group, monitoring the progress of ongoing activities within the context of the integrated plans, and at the request of CSNI, reviewing new OECD-NEA joint international project proposals with regard to their technical content and work scope.


The Programme Review Group is to perform a programme quality review function within the CSNI and to provide scientific assistance to the decision-making process of CSNI. The PRG should also support the Bureau in preparing CSNI meetings and in proposing actions concerning the achievement of CSNI objectives, in the context of the Joint CNRA/CSNI Strategic Plan.

The main functions of the Programme Review Group are the following:

Programme of work

Ongoing tasks

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Last updated: 11 January 2017