Working Group on Analysis and Management of Accidents (WGAMA)

Programme of work

The GAMA programme of work includes the following areas, covering all the items in its mandate and the CSNI high-level and safety issues/topics List. The main objectives of the work are to improve the knowledge base available to member countries in the area of accident analysis and management and to reach international technical consensus in the field. The current four main areas of work are:

1. Thermal-Hydraulics of the Reactor Coolant System and Related Safety and Auxiliary Systems

2. In-Vessel Behaviour of Degraded Cores and In-Vessel Protection

3. Containment Behaviour and Containment Protection

4. Fission Product Release, Transport, Deposition and Retention

5. Co-ordinated Programme, Cross-cutting issues, and others

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Last reviewed: 21 April 2016