Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)

The NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities is an international committee made up of senior representatives from regulatory bodies. It was created in 1989 to guide the NEA programme concerning the regulation, licensing and inspection of nuclear installations with regard to safety. The CNRA's main tasks are:



NEA Policy Papers
(incluces all CNRA "green booklets")

Joint CSNI/CNRA Strategic Plan and Mandates

Review of the Role, Activities and Working Methods of the CNRA

CNRA Structure

CNRA Operating Plan and Guidelines 2011-2016

Working groups

Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP)

Working Group on Operating Experience (WGOE)

Working Group on Public Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations (WGPC)

Working Group on the Regulation of New Reactors (WGRNR)

Task groups

Senior-level Task Group on the Safety Culture of the Regulatory Body (STG-SCRB)

Task groups which have completed their mandates

Senior-level Task Group (STG) on Defence-in-Depth (DiD)

Senior-level Task Group on Impacts of the Fukushima Accident

Senior-level Task Group on Long-term Operation – A Regulatory Perspective

Task Group on Nonconforming, Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (NCFSI)

Senior-level Task Group: The Regulatory Goal of Assuring Nuclear Safety

Senior-level Task Group: The Regulator’s Role in Assessing Licensee Oversight of Vendor and Other Contracted Services

Status Review Group on Regulatory Efficiency and Effectiveness Indicators Information Exchange

Senior-level Task Group on the Characteristics of an Effective Regulator

Task Group on Accident Management (TGAM)

Safety of Research Reactors Task Group

Ad hoc group

Joint CNRA and CSNI Ad hoc Group on the Safety of Advanced Reactors (GSAR)

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 (CNRA activities related to WGPC and STG-SCRB)

Last reviewed: 15 June 2016