What is RSS?

If you would like to be informed about updates to the NEA website - as they are made, or on a daily or weekly basis - a new alert service is now available. The NEA Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed is a list of headlines with a short description and a link to the updated page or new report on the website.

The headlines can be viewed with software separate from your web browser which automatically checks the feed for any updates, although most browsers now incorporate this feature. You can then choose to visit the links that interest you. If you already have RSS software installed, the NEA RSS feed is available at: www.oecd-nea.org/news/nea.rss.

Advantages over e-mail alerts

A growing issue with the use of e-mail alerts is unsolicited bulk e-mail ('spam') making it difficult to distinguish between genuine messages and advertising. The NEA RSS feed can only contain information from the NEA. The NEA will continue to distribute the monthly electronic bulletin in its current format for those who prefer not to install RSS software or who prefer to receive news on a monthly basis.

Keep up to date with many sites at once

RSS feeds are designed to be read in conjuction with feeds from other sites, thus allowing you to stay up to date with developments in many areas more quickly and easily. Several news organisations are now also providing RSS feeds.

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Last reviewed: 27 October 2010