NEA Director-General receives the 2010 EURELECTRIC award

Luis E. Echávarri, Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), was chosen as this year's recipient of the EURELECTRIC award which distinguishes outstanding contributions in the electricity sector. The ceremony took place in Dublin (Ireland) on 15 June 2010, on the occasion of the EURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference.

The EURELECTRIC award, inaugurated in Barcelona in 2008, honours companies or persons that have made a pioneering contribution towards revolutionising the operations, processes, technologies or products of the electricity industry. Low-carbon technologies and efficient electrotechnologies aimed at controlling greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time ensuring secure energy supply at reasonable costs through a competitive market system, also fall within the scope of the award.

This is a personal recognition of Mr. Echávarri in relation to his role as OECD/NEA Director-General and his career during which he has highlighted the contribution of nuclear power to security of energy supply at competitive costs and the development of a low-carbon economy.

More information is available regarding this award on the EURELECTRIC website.

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