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Paris, 27 April 2004

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Expert review gives high marks to a Swiss safety study on a radioactive waste disposal concept

The NEA has just released a report entitled Safety of Disposal of Spent Fuel, High-level Waste and Long-lived Intermediate Level Waste in Switzerland. This document brings together the results of an international, independent peer review that examined the post-closure radiological safety assessment for disposal in the Opalinus Clay of the Zürcher Weinland. The original safety report was prepared by the Swiss National Co-operative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) [NTB 02-05].

The main appraisal of the experts was that the Nagra safety report:

The review was carried out at the request of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE).

Safety of Disposal of Spent Fuel, HLW and Long-lived ILW in Switzerland [DE]
An International Peer Review of the Post-closure Radiological Safety Assessment for Disposal in the Opalinus Clay of the Zürcher Weinland
ISBN 92-64-02063-2, 124 pages.

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