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Paris, 6 June 2003


Nuclear energy data to 2020 in OECD countries

In 2002, nuclear electricity generation remained at the same level as in 2001, with a total output of nearly 2 170 terawatt-hours (TWh), representing 23.8% of total electricity generation in OECD countries. Seventeen OECD countries have nuclear power plants in operation providing between 4% (in the Netherlands) and 78% (in France) of their electricity generation.

This information is contained in the just-published 2003 edition of Nuclear Energy Data, which gives an overview of the status of and trends in nuclear electricity generation and the fuel cycle up to 2020 in OECD member countries. The information, provided by government officials, includes statistical data and projections complemented by short country reports highlighting significant events in the field of nuclear energy.

At the end of 2002, 362 nuclear units were connected to the grid, representing a total installed capacity of 309 gigawatts electrical (GWe). Seven units with a total capacity of 6.5 GWe were in construction in Japan (3 units), the Republic of Korea (2 units) and the Slovak Republic (2 units). Eight units (10 GWe) were firmly committed in Japan. In addition, 19 units (22.5 GWe) were planned in Finland (1 unit), Japan (8 units), the Republic of Korea (8 units) and Turkey (2 units).

Nuclear electricity generation is projected to increase slightly in the coming decade, reaching between 2 340 and 2 360 TWh in 2010, but the share of nuclear energy in total electricity generation is expected to decrease to around 22% in 2010 as total electricity demand will grow faster than nuclear generation.

The uranium and fuel cycle service requirements and production capacity balance is unchanged as compared to previous years in OECD countries. Requirements continue to exceed production capacities except for fuel fabrication; additional supply is ensured mainly by secondary sources (civil and ex-military stockpiles) and imports.

Nuclear Energy Data, also known as the "Brown Book", is published yearly by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA).

Nuclear Energy Data
OECD, Paris 2003 - ISBN 92-64-10326-0

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