NEA Press Communiqués 2003

Plutonium management in the medium term
Plutonium Management in the Medium Term, a new NEA report, reviews the technical options available for plutonium management from the present up to the point at which a fully sustainable fuel cycle is eventually established. Describing the various proposals that have been made in recent years, this report presents a discussion of the rationale, technical attributes, capabilities and current status of each.
  La gestion du plutonium à moyen terme   24 November
An international meeting discusses the role of supercomputing in nuclear applications
The role and benefits of high-performance computing in complex simulations carried out by researchers, industry and universities in the specific field of nuclear applications were the subject of expert discussions at the Fifth International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA-2003), held in Paris on 22-24 September 2003.
  Réunion internationale consacrée à l'apport des supercalculateurs dans le domaine des applications nucléaires   6 October
Planning ahead for future decommissioning of nuclear power plants
A new report on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants released by the NEA analyses the relationships between nuclear power plant decommissioning policies as developed by governments, decommissioning strategies as proposed by industry and the resulting decommissioning costs.
  Anticiper le démantèlement des centrales nucléaires   10 September
The Nuclear Energy Agency reviews the French R&D programme on deep geological disposal of radioactive waste
The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has just released the report of an International Peer Review of the so-called "Dossier 2001 Argile" which the French Government had requested the NEA to submit to a high-level international evaluation.
  L'agence pour l'énergie nucléaire examine le programme français de R&D sur le stockage géologique profond de déchets radioactifs   29 August
Just published: Nuclear Energy Today
The NEA announces the publication of a new report Nuclear Energy Today, which aims to provide, in a simple, short and clear style, authoritative and factual information on the main aspects of nuclear energy in today’s world.
  Vient de paraître :  L'énergie nucléaire aujourd'hui   23 August
Measuring, assessing and communicating regulatory effectiveness (MACRE 2003)
Under the aegis of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), heads of OECD member country nuclear regulatory authorities met on 17-18 June 2003 with high-level government officials and executives from the nuclear industry to exchange perspectives on measuring, assessing and communicating nuclear regulatory effectiveness.
    27 June
The 2002 Annual Report of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
In its 2002 Annual Report published today, the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) notes that during the year the nuclear option was brought back on the agenda of several energy policy makers in Europe and North America.
    26 June
Nuclear energy data to 2020 in OECD countries
In 2002, nuclear electricity generation remained at the same level as in 2001, with a total output of nearly 2 170 terawatt-hours (TWh), representing 23.8% of total electricity generation in OECD countries. Seventeen OECD countries have nuclear power plants in operation providing between 4% (in the Netherlands) and 78% (in France) of their electricity generation.
  Version française   6 June