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Paris, 4 June 1996

Uranium 1995: Resources, Production and Demand

This joint Nuclear Energy Agency-International Atomic Energy Agency report, "Uranium 1995 - Resources, Production and Demand", presents the results of the 1995 review of uranium supply and demand in the world, and is the foremost reference in this field. The report provides a statistical profile of the world uranium industry as of 1 January 1995. It contains data on uranium exploration activities, resources and production for 54 countries, updating the 1993 edition. Significant new information is provided for a number of countries for which data was previously not easily accessible, and this edition contains reports for 23 of the 25 uranium producing countries, which accounted for about 92 per cent of world uranium production in 1994.

The world uranium market has changed dramatically in this decade due to political and economic developments in uranium producing and consuming regions. The over-production of the eighties has changed in the nineties to a more ambiguous situation where production is meeting less than 60 per cent of demand while prices remain low because a continued abundant supply of uranium is expected from new sources. World nuclear electricity generating capacity and its nuclear fuel cycle requirements continue to expand modestly, while uranium stockpiles are decreasing and uranium production has been contracting in most regions of the world. However, a steady increase in uranium spot prices since late 1994 suggests that the situation may be changing.

Uranium 1995: Resources, Production and Demand
OECD, Paris, 1996
ISBN 92-64-14875-2

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