Press release
Paris, 9 February 1996

New NEA study on national legislation in the nuclear field

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency has just published a new analytical study concerning nuclear legislation in NEA countries entitled "Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Nuclear Activities".

The use of nuclear energy carries with it the obligation, for both producer and consumer countries, to provide specific legislation in response to the past, present and future requirements of nuclear energy. There are many nuclear laws, and as can be seen from this study of the 25 NEA countries, they vary greatly. This analytical study gives a global, quick and systematic picture of the nuclear legislation of each country.

This publication is intended for all those with an interest in nuclear law, and for the first time offers them an excellent collection of information covering the institutional framework for nuclear energy in each country, together with the main sectors of nuclear energy, including mining regimes, trade in nuclear materials and equipment, radioactive waste management, radiation protection, etc.

The publication is presented in the form of a loose leaf binder, facilitating annual updates and the introduction of sections concerning the legislation in any new member countries.

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