Joint NEA/IAEA Expert Workshop on the

Technical and Economic Assessment of Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Energy (NUCOGEN)

4-5 April 2013, OECD Conference Centre, CC9

General documents

Presentations | 4 April 2013

Introduction to workshop

  1. Technical and Economic Assessment of Non-electric Applications of Nuclear Energy – Practical information Past NEA activity and objectives of the workshop (H. Paillère, NEA)
  2. Prospects for Nuclear Cogeneration, Economic Assessment Methodologies and Tools (I. Khamis, IAEA)

Session I: District heating (Chair: M. Rosen)

  1. Nuclear District Heating Plans from Loviisa to Helsinki Metropolitan Area (H. Tuomisto, Fortum, Finland)
  2. Economics of District Heating with Light Water Reactors (H. Safa, CEA, France)
  3. Experience of Operating Nuclear District Heating in Switzerland (R. Schmidiger, Axpo, Switzerland)
  4. Experience of Operating Nuclear District Heating in Russia (V. Sozoniuk, NEA)

Session II: Desalination (Chair: H. Paillère)

  1. Desalination in the Context of Water Futures (X. Leflaive, OECD/ENV)
  2. Overview of Nuclear Desalination Technologies & Costs (I. Khamis, IAEA)
  3. SMART for Electricity Generation and Desalination (K.K. Kim, KAERI, Korea)
  4. Nuclear Desalination with the BN-350 Reactor (V. Sozoniuk, NEA)

Session III: High temperature applications and markets for process heat (Chair: D. Shropshire)

  1. Status of HTGR R&D for Non-electric Applications in Korea (M. Kim, KAERI, Korea)
  2. Economic viability of small nuclear reactors in future European cogeneration markets (J. Carlsson, JRC Petten, the Netherlands)
  3. EU Market for Process Heat Applications (A. Bredimas, LGI Consulting, France)
  4. Next Generation Nuclear Plant Industrial Process Heat Applications and Economics (M. McKellar, INL, the United States)

Presentations | 5 April 2013

Session IV: High temperature applications and H2 production (Chair: M. McKellar)

  1. Overview of Nuclear Cogeneration in High-temperature Industrial Process Heat Applications (K. Verfondern, FZJ, Germany)
  2. Performances and Economic Competitiveness Comparison of Advanced Hydrogen Production Processes Coupled to a Nuclear Reactor (C. Mansilla, CEA/Itese, France)

Session V: Nuclear hybrid systems, synergies with renewables (Chair: R. Cameron)

  1. Synergies between Nuclear and Renewable Energy Technologies (F. Carre, CEA, France)
  2. Advanced Energy Systems Nuclear-Fossil-Renewable Hybrid Systems (R. Boardman, INL, the United States)
  3. The NEA System Effects Study – Nuclear and Renewables: System Effects in Low-Carbon Electricity Systems (M. Cometto, NEA)

Session VI: Economic models and business case assessments, challenges for nuclear cogeneration (Chair: A. Van Heek)

  1. Application of Exergy-based Methods for Technical, Economic and Environmental Assessments of Nuclear Cogeneration (Prof. M. Rosen, U. Ontario, Canada)
  2. Economic Viability of High-temperature Nuclear Reactors for Industrial Cogeneration (Prof. Madlener, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
  3. NGNP Business Models for Industrial Process Heat Applications (M. McKellar, INL, the United States)
  4. Integration Challenges for Nuclear Cogeneration coupled to Renewable Energy Systems (D. Shropshire, IAEA)


Last reviewed: 27 March 2014