NEA International Workshop on the

Nuclear Innovation Roadmap (NI2050)

The two-day workshop held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on 7-8 July 2015, brought together some of the leading experts in the field of nuclear fission research, development and demonstration. The purpose was to launch the NEA Nuclear Innovation 2050 Initiative, aiming, after a first survey phase, at producing a roadmap of main priority research programmes and infrastructures necessary to support the role nuclear energy may play in the low carbon power sector of the future. This might then further lead to some adhoc co-operation frameworks that help to effectively implement key priorities coming out of the roadmapping.

The workshop was organised into the following five sessions:

  1. Opening session on NI2050: vision and main objectives
  2. National presentations on nuclear fission research and innovation activities (programmes, infrastructures, budgets)
  3. Presentations on some existing international nuclear fission roadmaps and co-operation frameworks
  4. Defining the way forward for NI2050: survey, roadmapping and priorities and co-operation
  5. Open discussion

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Last reviewed: 10 August 2015