Joint IEA/NEA Workshop

Power Generation Investment in Liberalised Electricity Markets


25-26 March 2003, Paris, France

Tuesday 25 March 2003

Welcome from Mr. Claude Mandil, Executive Director, IEA and Mr. Luis Echávarri, Director-General, NEA

Chairman's introduction, Professor David Newbery, Cambridge University

Session 1: Introduction

This session set out the size of the investment required and the general question of how power generation in electricity markets is to take place.

Session 2: Investment and the Market Framework

This session considered investment in electricity markets in the context of current market designs and incentives for investment, the new modelling frameworks for investment.

Session 3: Implications of Liberalised Markets for Generating Technologies

This session drew on experience of investors in different technologies in different markets as how their investments or technologies have been affected by the liberalised markets. Presenters were asked to cite main investment risks and how these have been affected by liberalisation.

Wednesday 26 March 2003

Session 4: Investment in Developing Economies

Session 5: Implementation of Governments' Energy Policy

Certain governments are undertaking specific policies to enhance diversification/security of supply in electricity markets. How successful are these approaches and what impact do they have on the structure and operation of the electricity market?



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