Nuclear Innovation 2050 Advisory Panel (NI2050 AP) Group

Nuclear Innovation 2050 Advisory Panel (NI2050 AP) Group The workshop launch of the NEA NI2050 (Nuclear Innovation 2050) initiative proposed to establish an advisory panel to guide the roadmapping of nuclear fission R&D priorities to foster innovation, enabling nuclear energy to play its role in the low carbon energy future. This roadmapping is a forward-looking, top-down approach aimed at defining some priorities and gaps for nuclear R&D, based on a set of existing roadmaps. A first meeting of the advisory panel was held on 5-6 October 2015 in Paris where the objective, scope, methodology and process of roadmapping was discussed. Additional meetings of the advisory panel (also including specialised experts meetings operating under the umbrella of the advisory panel) are expected in the course of 2016. Presentations and additional materials to be shared between the participants will be posted on this page.

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Last reviewed: 9 October 2015