Full-cost recovery guidance documents

Provision of Outage Reserve Capacity for Molybdenum-99 Irradiation Services
This document provides guidance on outage reserve capacity for 99Mo production. It presents a methodology of determining an agreed level of outage reserve capacity, an approach to valuing and paying for outage reserve capacity, and the economic effects from pricing outage reserve capacity.

Full-cost Recovery for Molybdenum-99 Irradiation Services: Methodology and Implementation
This document provides guidance to reactor and alternative production technology (e.g., cyclotrons, accelerators) operators on how to undertake full-cost identification and implement full-cost recovery. The document also discusses issues related to levelling the playing field between old and new reactors.

Full-cost recovery identification workbook
This is a supporting tool to the guidance document that puts the concepts and formulas described in the document into a usable format.

Last reviewed: 13 May 2014