Securing the supply of medical radioisotopes

Discussion documents

Policy Options for Ensuring Long-term Supply Security of Molybdenum-99 and/or Technetium-99m Produced Without Highly Enriched Uranium Targets
This document presents a range of policy options to facilitate further discussion on the conversion to low-enriched uranium targets by nuclear research reactors and processors for 99Mo production. Using low-enriched uranium targets is viewed as an important step towards reducing the risk of non-proliferation from uranium use for civilian purposes, despite projected higher costs and negative capacity impacts compared to using highly enriched uranium targets.

Unbundling payments for radioisotopes from radiopharmaceuticals and from diagnostic procedures: A tool to support the implementation of full-cost recovery
This document provides a basis for further discussion on the use of separate reimbursement to encourage the move to full-cost recovery. Separate reimbursement is one tool that could be used by public and private health insurance to support the move to ensuring sufficient reimbursement rates (or payments) for 99Mo/99mTc while the industry moves to full-cost recovery for irradiation services, paying for outage reserve capacity and transitioning to using low enriched uranium targets.

Last reviewed: 9 October 2012