Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 83

Complete issue


The Review Conference Mechanism in Nuclear Law: Issues and Opportunities, by Carlton Stoiber 5
National Implementation and Enforcement of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaties, by Lisa Tabassi 29
The Decommissioning of Asse II – Burden of the Past in the Federal Republic of Germany, by Hanns Näser 59


Changes in the Legal Status of the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique, by Laetitia Grammatico 77

Case law


Keen v Attorney General of Canada (2009) 87


Judgement of the Council of State rejecting the claims made by environmental NGOs against the Decree licensing the construction of the EPR at Flamanville (2009) 91

United States

Judgement of the US Supreme Court on the applicability of anti-dumping tariffs to the sale of low-enriched uranium (2009) 94
Judgment of the US Supreme Court on the use of cost-benefit analysis in determining the best technology available for minimising the adverse environmental effects of cooling water intake structures (2009) 96

National legislative and regulatory activities


Amendments to the Law on the protection of the population and the environment against the dangers arising from ionising radiation and concerning the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (2009) 99
Regulation on the import, transport and export of radioactive substances (2009) 99


New national defence strategy (2008) 100


Decree on the transboundary transfer of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel (2008) 100


Nuclear Test Ban Act (2008) 101


Act to amend the Nuclear Damage Compensation Law and the Law on Nuclear Liability Indemnification Contracts (2009) 102


Act on Radioactive Waste Management (2009) 103

Republic of Moldova

Latest legislative activities (2009) 103


Decision on the national strategy for state defence (2008) 106
Order on the supervision and control of international shipments of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel (2008) 106


New comprehensive act on nuclear energy (2009) 106


Regulation on the transboundary shipments of radioactive waste and spent fuel (2009) 107
Regulation on the transboundary shipments of nuclear and radioactive substances (2008) 108


New Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (2009) 108


Developments since the adoption of the Law on the Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plants (2009) 109

United States

Power reactor security requirements (2009) 111
Amendment to NRC Regulations with regard to Aircraft Impact Assessment (2009) 112
Dose standard after 10 000 years for high level waste disposal at Yucca Mountain (2009) 113
Regulatory changes to implement the Additional Protocol to the US-IAEA Safeguards Agreement (2008) 114
Rule amending regulations for the protection of safeguards information (2009) 114



Radioactive Waste Management Act (2009) 117

International regulatory activities

European Atomic Energy Community

European Commission proposal for a Council Directive setting up a Community framework for nuclear safety (2008) 135
Update of the Nuclear Illustrative Programme in the context of the Second Strategic Energy Review (2008) 136
European Commission Recommendation on criteria for the export of radioactive waste and spent fuel to third countries (2008) 136
Communication on nuclear non-proliferation (2009) 137

International Atomic Energy Agency

Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management – Third Review Meeting (2009) 138

Bilateral agreements

Bilateral agreements 141

News briefs

European Atomic Energy Community

Third plenary meeting of the European Nuclear Energy Forum (2008) 143
Meetings of the European High Level Group on Nuclear Safety and Waste Management (2009) 143
Launching public consultation on a proposal for new requirements on natural radiation sources in the Basic Safety Standards Directive 144

Last reviewed: 17 August 2011