Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 77

Complete issue


Nuclear Transparency and Safety Act: What Changes for French Nuclear Law? by Marc Léger and Laetitia Grammatico

Revised Paris and Vienna Nuclear Liability Conventions – Challenges for Insurers by Mark Tetley

Case law


Judgement of the French Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) on the Reprocessing Licence for Australian Spent Nuclear Fuel (2006)


Judgements on the Konrad Repository Project and on Intermediate On-site Storage Facilities for Spent Nuclear Fuel (2006)


Judgement of Kanazawa District Court ordering Closure of Shika Plant (2006)

European Union

Judgement of the Court of First Instance in relation to German Tax Exemptions for Reserves set up by Nuclear Power Stations (2006)

Judgement of the Court of Justice in relation to its Jurisdiction to Rule on Disputes concerning Interpretation and Application of the Provisions of Conventions Forming Part of the Community Legal Order (2006)

Administrative decisions


Parliamentary Decision on Construction of a Low/Intermediate-level Waste Repository and on the Lifetime Extension of Paks NPP (2005)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act (2005)


Amendment to the Federal Constitution (2006)


Law on Nuclear Transparency and Safety (2006)

Decree on Radiological Emergency Situations (2006)

Order on Public Information in the Event of a Radiological Emergency (2005)

Interministerial Order on Measuring Radioactivity in the Environment in the event of an Incident resulting in a Radiological Emergency Situation (2005)

Order on Methods for Training of Persons Specialised in Radiation Protection and Certification of the Service Provider (2005)

Interministerial Order on the Application of the Convention on Assistance in the Case of Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (2006)

Planning Act Concerning the Sustainable Management of Radioactive Materials and Waste (2006)

Act Authorising Approval of International Agreements on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy (2006)


European Agreement Relating to the International Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) (2005)

Ordinance on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (2006)

Corrigenda to the 2004 RID Regulations (2005)

Amendments to the 1961 Foreign Trade Act and to the 1993 Foreign Trade Ordinance (2006)

Amendment to the Import List (2005)


Amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (2005)

Amendment of the Order on Radioactive Releases into the Air and Water in Connection with the Use of Atomic Energy (2006)

Amendment of the Decree on International Trade of Nuclear Dual-use Items (2005)


Weapons of Mass Destruction Act (2005)


Radiological Protection Act 1991 (Control of High-activity Sealed Radioactive Sources) Order (2005)


Amendment to the 1996 Law on the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities (2006)

Amendment to the 2003 Ordinance on the Use of Nuclear Energy Exclusively for Peaceful Purposes (2006)

Order Approving Guidelines on the Monitoring of Radioactive Emissions Originating from Nuclear and Radiological Installations (2005)

Order Approving Guidelines on Orphan Sources and High Activity Sealed Sources (2005)

Order Approving Guidelines on the Authorisation Procedure for the Construction of Nuclear Facilities (2005)

Order Approving Guidelines on the Transport of Radioactive Materials (2005)

Slovak Republic

New Regulations Adopted in Implementation of the 2004 Atomic Act (2006)


Regulation to the Use of Radiation Sources and Radiation Practices (2006)


Report of the Swedish Nuclear Liability Committee (2006)


Amendment to the 2001 Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage and its Financial Security (2006)

International regulatory activities


Revision of International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Recommendations

Multilateral agreements

Agreement on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) (2006)

Bibiliography and News briefs

NEA, IJNL, US DOE, Generation IV, European Nuclear Energy Tribunal

List of correspondents

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