Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 74

Complete issue


The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty – Eight Years After the Opening of the Treaty for Signature: What is the Situation? by Gilbert Le Goff and Denys Rousseau

The Concept of Responsibility to Future Generations for the Management and Storage of Radioactive Waste by Eugénie Vial


Transposition into Swiss Law of the Paris Convention and the Brussels Supplementary Convention as amended by Renato Tami and Sandra Daina

Case law


Judgement of the Appeal Court of Limoges regarding the Dumping of Radioactive Waste by Cogema (2004)

Slovak Republic

Judgement of the Slovak Constitutional Court on Greenpeace Claim (2004)

Administrative decisions


Decision on the Environmental Court on Permits for Studsvik Nuclear AB and Svafo AB (2004)

National legislative and regulatory activities


National Directory for Radiation Protection (2004)


Decree on the National Radiation Protection Agency (2002)

Chinese Taipei

Nuclear Emergency Response Act (2003)


Radiation Act and its implementing regulations (2004)


Act on Public Health Policy (2004)

Order establishing Special Conditions for the use of Industrial Radiography Devices using Gamma Radiation (2004)

Amendment to the Order on the Organisation of a National Network to Measure Radioactivity in the Environment (2004)

Order on the General Regime governing Licences and Declarations as defined in Chapter V-I "Ionising radiation" of the Public Health Code (2004)

Order setting out Techinical Conditions for the Accounting of Nuclear Materials (2004)


Act setting out Guidelines in respect of the Prevention and Protection Polocy Applicable to Ionising Radiation (2001)

Order establishing the National Centre for the Prevention of and Protection against Ionising Radiation (2002)


Amendment to the Ordinance on Advanced Financial Contributions for Final Disposal Repositories (2004)

Ordinances to Amend the RID Regulations (2003, 2004)

Ordinance on the Transportation of Dangerous Gods by Road and Rail (2004)

Amendments to the 1961 Foreign Trade Act (2004)

Amendments to the Import List (2004)

Amendments to the Export List (2004)


Atomic Energy Commission Act (2000)


Act on Radiation Protection (2002)


Containement of Nuclear Weapons Act (2003) and Regulations (2004)


Act Restructuring the Energy Sector (2004)

Ordinance on Radioactive Waste Management (2004)


Regulations on Procedural Requirements for the Construction of Radiation Facilities (2004)

Regulations on the Procedure Governing Activities Involving Nuclear Materials, Related Materials and Equipment (2003)

Act on Circulation of Strategic Goods (2004)

Regulations on Foods and Food Ingredients Treated with Ionising Radiation (2004)


Radiation Protection Act (2003)


Basic Ionising Radiation Regulations (2003)


Amendments to the Atomic Energy Act (2004)


Council Resolution Providing for the Elaboration of a National Plan for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (2004)


Decision Amending the Regulations on the Organisation and Functioning of the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities (CNCAN) (2004)

Decision on the Reorganisation of the National Uranium Company (2004)

Health Norms for the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities (2004)

Radiological Safety Norms - Licensing Procedures for Mining, Uranium and Thorium Ore Processing Activities, Processing of Raw Materials and Production of Nuclear Fuel

Radiological Safety Norms - Measurement Systems for Radiation Sources (2004)

Radiological Safety Norms - Radiotherapy Practice (2004)

Norms on the Classification of BOdies Qualified for the Exercise of Activities in the Nuclear Fiels (2004)

Norms on Exemption from Authorisation Requirements for Certain Materials (2004)

Decision Establishing the List of Dual-use Products and Technologies Subject to the Export and Import Control Regime (2004)

Order on the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste (2004)

Norms on the Safe Mangement of Radioactive Waste (2004)

Norms on the Collection of Contributions from Licensees for the Financing of the Activities of the National Agency for Radioactive Waste (2004)

Russian Federation

Establishment of New Federal Agencies in the Nuclear Energy Field (2004)

Decree on the List of Dual-use Equipment and Materials Subject to Export Controls (2003)

Decree on the List of Dual-use Goods and Technologies Subject to Export Controls (2004)

Slovak Republic

Atomic Act (2004)


New SKI Regulations on Safety in Nuclear Facilities (2004)


Amendments to the 1995 Law on the Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Safety (2004)

United States

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year (2004)

Price-Anderson Act (2004 renewal)


Decree Establishing the National Directorate of Energy and Nuclear Technology (2004)

International Regulatory Authorities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions Adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2004)

Establishment of INLEX

European Union

Directive on Public Access to Environmental Information (2003)

Directive on Public Participation in Respect of Certain Plans and Programmes Relating to the Environment (2003)

Proposals for Directives on Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Waste Management (2004)

Bilateral agreements

Germany - Russian Federation

Agreement Concerning Co-operation and Exchange of Information and Experience in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (2003)

Romania - Ukraine

Agreement on Early Notification of Nuclear Accidents and Exchange of Information in the Field of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (2004)

Multilateral agreements

Observations on the First Review Meeting of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, by Gordon Linsley

Protocol Amending the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism (2003)

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy

Bibiliography and News briefs

NEA, Austria, United Kingdom, Uruguay, INLA, WNU

List of correspondents


Iceland: Act on Radiation Protection (2002)

Last reviewed: 24 January 2006