Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 72

Complete issue


The IAEA Nuclear Safety Conventions: An Example of Successful "Treaty Management"? by G. Handl

Protection of Civilian Nuclear Installations in Time of Armed Conflict by V. Lamm

Case law

Slovak Republic

Judgement concerning the right of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority to deny information classified as a commercial secret from requests for public information (2003)


Judgement of the Göta Court of Appeal on negligent violation of the Swedish Act on Nuclear Activities (2003)

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Ireland vs. United Kingdom (the OSPAR Arbitration) (2003)

Administrative decisions


Government Decision for the return of nuclear fuel to the Russian Federation (2003)

National legislative and regulatory activities

People's Republic of China

Law on Protection from Radiation Contamination (2003)


Decree on the Creation of the Interministerial Committee on Nuclear and Radiological Crisis (2003)

Order Regarding the Protection of National Secrecy in the Field of Nuclear Material Control and Protection (2003)


Decree on the Scope of Duties, Authority and Competence to Impose Penalties of the HAEA, and on the Activities of the Atomic Energy Co-Ordination Council (2003)

Order on some Aspects of the Interim Storage and Final Disposal of Radioactive Waste and on the Radiological Aspects of Radioactive Materials Arising from Industrial Activities and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (2003)


Legislative Decree on the Organisational Statute of the ENEA (2003)


Regulations on the Requirements for Emergency Preparedness and Response (2003)

Regulations on Physical Protection of Ionising Radiation Sources (2002)


Decree-Law approving the Organic Law of Ministry for Towns, Territorial Planning and Environment (2003)


Law for the approval of the Government Ordinance on the Use of Nuclear Energy Exclusively for Peaceful Purposes (2003)

Amendment to the Law on the Safe Conduct of Nuclear Activities (2003)

Law for the approval of the Government Ordinance on the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste, Final Storage Included (2003)

Norms for the Enforcement of the Law on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (2003)

Slovak Republic

Decree on Nuclear Safety Requirements for Nuclear Installations (2003)

Decree on Nuclear Safety Assessment (2003)


Regulation on the Organisation and Assignment of Ministerial Responsibilities (2003)


Law on Nuclear Energy (2003)


Decree on Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (2003)


Regulations on Radiation Protection (2002)

Regulation on Radioactive Waste Management (2002)

Regulation on the Transport of Radioactive Materials (2002)

International regulatory activities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2003)

European Union

Proposals for Directives on nuclear safety and radioactive waste management (2003)

New Regulation on the application of Euratom safeguards (2002)

Control of high activity sealed radioactive sources (2003)

Recommendation on the protection and information of the public with regard to the continued contamination of certain wild food products following the Chernobyl Accident (2003)

Proposals for decisions authorising the Member States to sign and ratify the Protocol to amend the Paris Convention (2003)

Proposals for a Directive on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage (2002)

Proposal of a Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations (2003)

Bilateral agreements

Bulgaria – Russian Federation – Ukraine

Trilateral Agreement on Nuclear Transport (2002)

Estonia – Latvia

Agreement on Co-operation In Radiation Safety (2003)

Euratom – Non-member States of the European Union

Radiological Emergency: Agreement Between Euratom And Non-member States Of The European Union (2003)

Euratom – Uzbekistan

Agreement for Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy (2003)

France – United States

Agreement for Exchange of Technical Information and Co-operation in the Regulation of Nuclear Safety (2003)

Korea – Romania

Memorandum of Understanding on Co-operation in Nuclear Energy Projects (2003)

Norway – Russian Federation – United Kingdom – United States

Arctic Military Environmental Co-operation (2003)

Russian Federation – United Kingdom

Agreement on Nuclear Proliferation Prevention (2003)

Multilateral agreeements

Status of Conventions in the Field of Nuclear Energy

Bibliography and news briefs

IAEA, NEA, World Nuclear Transport Institute

List of correspondents


Switzerland: Law on Nuclear Energy (2003)

Last reviewed: 25 January 2005